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  1. Thanks every one.looks like I will have to wait for the USB cable to arrive,will let you know if it works out.
  2. Hi,thanks I just ordered a nerw card and a USB lead for camera from E Bay. If that doesn't work I guess we lost the pics,I was hoping there might have been a work-around.
  3. Hi,can any one help please. I have a problem with a micro Sd card in an adaptor not being recognised by my PC. If I go into devices and printers the card reader is recognised but I can't download any pics,it's as if the card isn't in the reader. It's a Kingston Micro SD adaptor with a 2 GB micro card installed. It takes pics ok in camera. Regards Tony
  4. Thanks all but I'm back to square one again. message reads IE has encountered a problem and needs to close,keeps on happening. If I wanted to change to Firefox would I just make Firefox my default browser. Do any of you not reccomend Firefox if so what browser would you reccomend.
  5. Thanks for replies but it's getting interesting. I don't have the problem at the moment because Intenet Explorer says IE8 is running with all add on's disabled but I didn't do anything. According to IE8 help page when you reboot all add on's should be enabled again but this does not happen. So I guess this means I have no Activex running or I have only the preinstalled Activex and not any additional Activex that came with someother programme. Anyone got any Ideas.
  6. Hi, I rescently changed from IE7 to IE8 because IE7 kept freezing if you try to close it end it now message comes up stating programme is not responding, I have the same problem with IE8. Any advice or ideas welcome. I'm running XP Pro. Tony
  7. Well done Kram,spot on,thankyou. Thanks also to everyone else who tried to help. Kind regards Tony
  8. Hi Viking, I think your right I am sure that when BT help desk told me to install Firefox browser because I could not change my password in BT yahoo browser. I told the girl that I don't think changing the browser will have any effect and it didn't,she was out of her depth and said could I call back next day. This time I got someone who sorted it for me,password change ok. Told him I didn't want firefox browser and told him to give me BT yahoo browser which he did. The only other change I made was to download PC pitstops Disk MD and ran it. I can't honestly say which of these changes started this problem. I have deleted Firefox by add/remove progs from my system. Tony
  9. Ok Joe, will do as suggested and many thanks for trying to help. Regards Tony.
  10. Thanks Joe have a nice day. Tony
  11. It's been working fine for the last 3 years,just click on desktop icon shortcut to a web site and it opens. Tony
  12. Hi Joe, it shows link to pcpitstop full url. If I try to put link in box that shows none I get ctrl+alt so can't add text. Okay, this is what i'm trying to do. looking at my screen I have screen saver and shortcuts,click on pcpitstop shortcut and get the grey windows popup saying can't find file but pcpitstop opens anyway,finish with pcpitstop and close it,then I have to close popup by clicking ok. Tony
  13. Done that what am I looking for Joe.
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