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  1. Sorry about this,should have got the info before asking. Will find out and come back. Tony
  2. Hi, my son has a laptop and has had a new hard drive fitted but can't load anything onto it,took it back to shop and they replaced the hard drive but still can't load anything onto it,shop now says Bios is corrupted. Can we solve this problem ourselves by buying a new Bios,bearing in mind the laptop cannot be connected to the internet to download anything. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Tony
  3. Hi Stormy,thanks for that and I'm sorry I screwed up the Tech Express link. Tony
  4. Hi all, Suddenly I'm getting very low video score only 15%. Have uploaded latest drivers from Nvidia for my 6200 card. Hopefully Techlink is ok for you to look at. Regards TonyZCEJSWKUZYQSY0HG
  5. Hi all. If I click on a web page in PDF format they take a while to load but take ages to close,I thought at first that PC had crashed but it just takes ages and I can't do anything until it clears. Tony
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