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  1. Your MB already has a network card. Any reason why you're buying one as well?
  2. I'd say you'd want at least a 500 PSU to run that. Especially for a P4 HT CPU.
  3. You could buy better parts and OC more with it if you build yourself. All the overclocking is is good parts and the settings in the BIOS. It's not magic. Besides first time you had to reset your CMOS with onr of those you've lost what the factory setup. Nice looking rigs, tho.
  4. On my board when I use the auto/SLI settings AI Booster doesn't see an increase in mem voltage but Everest does.
  5. I would but you're playing for PCP so I can't bring myself to do it. j/k
  6. Some boards have a diode on the NB. My DFI did but the new Asus doesn't.
  7. I'd like to thank the genius who sent this board back. It booted right up (outside the case), installed windows on an ide drive and updated the bios and chipset without a hitch. Since it had all the accesories with it I got a $190 MB for $130.
  8. $130.00 at the "egg". Mine came in the original box with all the accessories. http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...82E16813131153R
  9. Got my P5ND32-E SLI Plus today and guess what happens when you pull the "P5ND32_E SLI Plus" sticker off the motherboard? ...Striker Extreme!
  10. You really need to check on the ASUS website and use the approved vendor list and use the RAM there if you're unsure. As will all the 6801 boards they're picky on what RAM to use. Seems like Corsair and Crutial are stable with them... most of the time. Personally I'm steering clear of the 680i boards for awhile until all or most of the bugs have been worked out. Check out the P5ND32-E SLI plus board. It's a 650 chipset (a hybrid) that seems to do almost as well as the Striker without the 680i problems.
  11. Are you supposed to be running your cpu volts at 1.39 at stock speeds?
  12. Sounds like a place with... different sorts of parts...
  13. Video card will be overclocked using the cards software, or a 3rd party software. With the 6600 and some good RAM you should be able to just up the FSB, and leave everything else at default, to around 340 FSB. After that you'll need to add cpu volts and northbridge volts. Divider for the RAM is set in the bios but depending on your RAM you shouldn't need to worry about that until 300-320 FSB or more. I don't have to mess with mine until around 335 FSB.
  14. I'm in charge here... what? I'm only secretary of defense?
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