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  1. Fine by me Keith, on one condition. I get to choose which Mid-Western Turkey gets the chop
  2. Hard to believe things could get any colder than they are now
  3. Oh I dunno. Remove the giblets, choose a good quality sage & onion and roast them nice and slow and they are quite acceptible
  4. The picture reminds me of one of those Mid-West Turkeys
  5. Would you happen to still have that link and be willing to re-post it?
  6. Mr Bender at your service Sir
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/4771774.stm
  8. Russian domestics are all the rage in London these days .....and Romanian bricklayers, Polish plasterers, Scots pickpockets, Lithuanian plumbers, Ukranian electricians etc...
  9. If the gulf stream is on its way out, may I suggest we swap over to the Learjet 55B..I like them ones better
  10. Thanks everyone. Had the best birthday present ever....passed the mother of all kidney stones on the morning of the 14th Tankus; had my present from a nice lady doctor a day or 2 before my birthday.....she wore a glove and it made my eyes water. She says I have a healthy prostate
  11. ....because there is none. Don't mean it ain't true though. Bush is trying to slip his policies of religious indoctrination through the backdoor and in a slightly altered guise. If he has his way, America and the West will be over-run with Muslim hating, Christain zealots like him in 2 or 3 generations from now. I hope America wakes up to his deviousness and kicks him in the ganglies :beer:
  12. I'll edit for the benefit of those overly sensitive patriots amongst you "Dear Messrs NASA & ESA...etc, etc" Oh and by the way, which one of us ain't a foreigner?
  13. Doesn't matter because this will be the last shuttle for a lonnnnnggggggg time. Maybe we can get around to exploring the rest of Earth now instead of wasting time up there. MEMO: Dear Mr Nasa...the cold war is over - nobody to outdo or impress anymore. Take up cancer research instead Regards Sir T :beer:
  14. Not as addictive as OGame :beer:
  15. Careful Lee, looks like she may be trying to turn you. I've heard about these women who target gay men and truly relish the challenge of converting them
  16. I was gonna type that childhood ends at about the age of 4 nowadays, but upon reflection, childhood ends the day the idiots conceive; 9 months before the child is born School uniforms (strict code) :beer: 1 piece bathing suits upto the age of 16 :beer: Mobile phones are ok for any kid old enough to leave the house on their own :beer:
  17. Soon as my new processor arrives from Canadia I am gonna load linux on a spare puter. If it is as good as everyone says and I am able to figure it out, I will NEVER use windows on my home pc's again Windows has become complacent and like V said, Linux needs a new marketing manager. It needs to become a priced product. Free things always take sooo long to win trust from folks. We are a sceptical lot
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