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  1. Ummmm I think nature sculptured my body into the buff, ripped specimen it is. All down to my good genes baby!!! That ain't what you mean by 'shaped' is it
  2. I am always happy to help where I can. If you want to buy a penthouse in London, give me a call
  3. Thanks people and Joe. I have a call back from the tech dept booked for tomorrow evening. Off to brush up on my language skills.
  4. We need to cut off the whole of the UK from the internet with the exception of London. That way the resources will be used to maximum benefit to the economy as everyone outside of London is a nothing but a drain. Saw you there Wiggy
  5. I've tried all the clean-ups, defrags, malaware/superantispyware stuff. What is odd is that it is now intermittent. This morning I switched on while waiting for the KB to make my breakfast and it was fine. Ran a speed test and wa d/l at over 6mb and upping at the usual 550. I had this for a brief 15 minutes yesterday evening too. This is without me doing anything inbetween good and bad times. Stormy, I have tried pinging and tracrt to the BBC. Perhaps I should post that result tonight... MOTF I appreciate your advice and words of wisdom. MME I have already flushed and replac
  6. I did that a few times, but no joy. If I still can't d/load the optimize test when I get home tonight, I will plug a laptop into the test socket after unplugging everything else. Does my trace route result in the first post indicate an internal or external fault? Maybe a basic query, but I am a basic kinda guy
  7. Dinner with her? 2 problems with that... 1. it is 10.25pm here 2. I have only just finished wrestling with her in the yard. She hates being chained to her post for the night. Just jumped to 306kb d/loaded
  8. Do you happen to know how big the optimize3-setup-00002.exe file is? I have only managed to d/load 147kb in over 10 minutes. If it is a few mb in size I will not continue tonight, but try again in the morning.
  9. Hi Jay. XP Home sp3 IE7 Spybot S&D AdAware Windows Firewall Just deleted AVG 9. I have always used AVG, but recently updated it, so deleted it to see if it was a part of the problem. Seems not. Bandwidth results: Down - 208 Up - 493 I am waiting for the optimize page to open and will post results as soon as I get them I have also changed my dsl filter and unplugged all other telephones in the house to eliminate the chance of them causing interference.
  10. For some reason, my internet connection has slowed down to a crawl since Friday just gone. I am not aware of anyone playing with any settings (my son is away ) so I guess that points to my ISP. However, before I make that call to Bangladesh, I thought I would post my tracert result for the pitstop address to see if any of it means anything to anyone. I pinged the same address and the results were fine. I would include a pitstop test result link, but 20 minutes and still waiting for the page to open C:\Documents and Settings\Andy>tracert www.pcpitstop.com Tracing route t
  11. The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans (2009)
  12. The Continued Adventures of Reptile Man and His Faithful Sidekick Tadpole
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