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  1. I was raised in the country and we always had cats and dogs. (my dog was my ONLY friend we were so far out in the country) I got married and my wife says no way to any animal in the house. I mean after 29 years she still barely let's me in............ You are very kind to keep that kitty. Glad you were able.
  2. Try doing the pitstop full scan and post results. http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop/default.asp Alternative1: Close all background (memory resident) programs that you can before running the game. Alternative2: Test the ram memory with a memory testor. Test the harddrive for write errors. Check your processor temp under load. Check the power supply for over / under voltage legs (you would need a PS test device for this) NOTE: Video cards can also cause this as well and they can overheat too. I use the ultimate boot CD to get the memory / HDD / Processor tests done.
  3. Had to reinstall IE on vista once and I had to download the IE7 from MS website -- (the full remote install of IE7) Saved it to downloads and then ran it from there. worked like a charm. BTW: have you already tried --- Tools, internet options, Advanced (tab), Reset (button)? This will usually reset IE to the original clean state and clear all active X programs. It is very near to re-install and works most times.
  4. You be da man!!! Happy birthday dude!
  5. Hi Guys! Long time no see ... been extra busy. Long story short, had a hard drive failure (Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 8) and managed to copy an image to the new drive. Some sectors were too bad to copy. The new drive will boot but has a few glitches and can't run X. This system was in a business and just a work hoss but would be a pain to reload as needed. My question is: I didn't see how to run a repair install (Like you can in Suse) when I tried to run the install disk. Can the root system be repaired in ubuntu without having to do a complete install? If it will be a drawn out process I will just do the reinstall but need to save some time badly. Thanks for any help!
  6. I used both and like the ease of easyubuntu I also like the application choices in Automatix and found that it offers more packages. Sure is a quick alternative to my old search and load method of loading multimedia modules and 3d Xsupport Automatix is here: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=177646 Easyubuntu is here: http://easyubuntu.freecontrib.org/
  7. Thanks, I have the kubuntu DVD but not the CD so on one of the systems I will have to do the install "in addition to". I put the KDE install on the monster you helped me with and things were much better to use / install. I still have to learn how to use wine, and am having trouble getting the remote ir for the tuner to work and FM is not working. That is just bling bling for the old guy to play with anyway. I wish I could afford a box like that, it is super fast. Thanks again.
  8. Hello have a couple of questions please. 1. Is it possible to install ubuntu kde desktop without having to reinstall completely, or is it better to simply reinstall using Kubuntu. (both versions 6.06) 2. If I can change from gnome to kde how would I do that? (I was thinking it may be as easy as using synaptic package manager and selecting KDE packages or is there a package to do the conversion?) Thanks for advise
  9. some motherboards only detect the primary drive for booting. Others detect all IDE devices. Try switching the drives and if the problem switches too then that may be the case. Some motherboards allow you to set the IDE boot chain in the BIOS, I have one that I can set any way I want for any drive I choose, then I have another that is fully automatic and I can't set anything except the boot sequence. Hope this helps
  10. Sorry I don't quite get the question clearly. If internet radio is still streaming the internet is still working. The server, is it the internet or a file server on a network? Just not clear on the hardware setup and actual problem.
  11. Worked in the Cable modem / DSL and internet industry for years. The line noise is a real problem that will vary at times better others worse. It also CAN be the modem itself. If you can try and get another one from them, lets say just for arguments sake!
  12. Sounds like it very well may be due to the number of programs running as you said. You have most likely answered your own question. I have no advise since running those different programs are a matter of personal choice. Personally for me too much security causes my machine to run slowly as well so I ballance security with desired speed. Now i use a Linux distribution on some of my computers but it is not for everyone to be sure.
  13. Did a google search for 1_intl.nls Looks like you either have a virus or corrupted file system. A corrupted file system can be caused by improper shutdown or restart of the system, like a power failure ect. It could also be due to a failing hard drive. Here is a link to some microsoft manual pages: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documen...k.mspx?mfr=true I have fixed a similar problem before but could have reinstalled the system much easier. It took me hours of trial and error and reading the MS helps. After all my hard work i discovered my hard drive was failing slowly. May not be your problem so try to figure out what actually caused your system to fail. If it was a power failure, hard reset or a child banging the keys ect. Then you will better know what to do to get back up and running.
  14. If you can,, you need to get you a higher wattage rating power supply. Running the processor you have based on the system in your signature I myself would get a 500W or 450W minimum.... be sure it is made for a P4 processor and MB and whether it is a 20pin or 24pin ATX connector
  15. A long shot here but their inside the computer tower, and inside the power supply. Most power supplies have a hole with a grill over it and you should feel warm air blowing out of it. You can hear them as well. The fan on the CPU is on the motherboard and you should be very careful not to damage or static discharge anything when looking at it. If you are able to get some professional help from someone I would suggest that to you. A can of compressed air from a computer supply store could help you with cleaning. DON'T TOUCH THE MOTHERBOARD AND COMPONENTS. Try for yourself but be very careful. Rule one: unplug the PC before you open it
  16. I'm not sure if you mean you have a battery backup/UPS or if that is the power supply in your PC It is however too close for comfort especially if you have extra CD drives and many USB devices that may draw power. I personally like to overpower my own systems a bit and tend to use 400, 450 and 500W PWS. Newer systems need more ready power for addon devices. Last power supply I ordered was only $16 for a 450W w/1yr warranty Do a google search for them.
  17. Not sounding good my friend. You need to first check and see if the fans are running correctly and that it is not overheating. There is usually a fan on the processor heat sink, and one on the power supply. either one failing or overheating can cause this. It could also be a virus or software issue. Other possibilities are: Ram memory failing Hard drive failing add on pci/isa/onboard devices like nic card, sound card, phone modem ect. Sorry for the generality but it will require you to diagnose the actual trouble. Start by checking the fans for operation speed and see if they are clogged with dust.
  18. I agree the power supply is most obvious and easiest to resolve. If not that I would do some processor load tests to see if it is failing. Hope for the power supply...............
  19. No mystery here dudes, this guy is very impaitent and just does things then pays for the concequences later. It is something everyone knows who knows him. He simply pulled the plug because he was in a rush and was dropping the tower off to me. Good for me is the fact that the dude in question has the bucks and dosen't mind the bill very much! It has a new harddrive already and the MB is good as well, at liest this time! (he's on his third harddrive now)
  20. Thanks you just helped me figure out what happened. My "friend" must have just pulled the plug instead of shutting down. Which proves my case that he is a friend AND a moron! I'm supposed to be fixing his printer, .... and this guy wonders why he has so many more problems than other folks he knows... Thanks Bruce
  21. Started machine (Suse 10.0 KDE) and it hung durring boot and never made it to xwindow. Then when rebooted it came up with an error after grub loading please wait.... ERROR 17 Is there a way to recover from this without a complete reinstall? Any ideas what caused that to happen? THX
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  23. I was donating some old computers to our churches mission in Mexico. (Eagle Mission Mexico) I sent some with the standard load of windows that came on the machines. They have a hard time there using them due to the language barrier and can't afford the spanish windows. I had a brain spaz a min ago and thought about sending a couple of machines loaded with SuSE 10.0 to them for a try and see how they do with them. They are for the school children in a very poor area. Can I load SuSE 10.0 in english and then change it to spanish or will I have to load it from start in spanish?
  24. Back a long long long very long time ago when I could play games I used to do that just to keep em separated and organized. I also used to copy the setup files so I wouldn't have to use the CD to reload. Some games include the setup files, others require the CD so It really is to your discretion. I am all for the separation if it is to a separate harddrive because that method allows the system drive to run a little faster having less clutter to wade thru. For a while I was on a kick of loading all my program files separately but found that actually seemed to slow my performance somewhat. Hope this helps I'm not much of a gamer anymore, Packman was kinda cool but I liked pong.........
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