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  1. if you want it to play music use winamp it increases audio level
  2. do a scan at http://www.crucial.com/
  3. np, some antiviruses do that suddendly you lose your internet and you have to restart your pc evreytime it happends, you could use some other antivirus like AVG FREE EDITION
  4. if you are using internet explorer browser go to INTERNET OPTIONS - CONNECTIONS - LAN SETTINGS and UNCHECKED EVREYTHING.. if that dont work, maybe its your antivirus uninstall it and see if you still keep losing internet connection if the problem is solve you will need to use some other antivirus, well that worked for me....
  5. but still when it turn on the swith it supposed to be blue not orange, im trying to connect to a network and i cant, im trying to setup a wireless connection but i cant
  6. i have hp dv900 laptop amd 64x2 mobile technology and it has a little swith so i cant wireless connection but when i use to turn it on it supposed to turn blue but now it only orange that means its off dont know why it doenst turn blue i try evreything downloading new drivers and some other things and it doenst work...plz help meee
  7. is it any diffrence from usb cable or ethernet cable?
  8. i dont know even know what kind of power supply i have, i can i check wich one do i have?
  9. so if a put the 1950 i would have to change my power supply?
  10. wich video card do you guys recommend or which one is better, Radeon® X1650 Pro 512MB PCI Express® or Radeon® X1950 PRO 256MB PCI Express?
  11. i just found a way to disable it , thanks
  12. i wanted to know how can i stop CTFMON.EXE from starting on starup, i disabled it everytime with winpatrol but it keeps running again in startup, why?
  13. does PC Pitstop Disk MD works with windows vista?
  14. here it is... http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=M99JFWESWCWSWRTJ
  15. i think im missing some drivers because i looked on my device manager and 2 things have the yellow question mark " SM Bus Controller " " Video Controller ( VGA Compatible )
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