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  1. i might not be much help with the defrag...but if you have 'system restore' on, it will muck up the defrag test score thingy...no worries there tho'. (some other third party progs can do the same type of thing by not allowing files that said prog uses to be moved) ...? but i'm not on top of all the hoozie-watzits...so? speed test will depend on time of day and distance from the testing server. i have a 9meg line that only tests 9megs or more if i use a local test server. if i test across the country or over the 'pond', i'm lucky to get DSL speeds ...sometimes as bad as dialup. but th
  2. you've done everything that would have thought of to do....one by one check and replace hardware. the only thing that i can thing of now is the power at the wall. make sure that you have a constant voltage. check any power strips too as they can and will go south on ya' without warning. other than that, maybe a pro-tech is your only option..?
  3. this agree with. it should be reclassified for the sake of research as a medicine. smoke in the lungs is not good....smoking pot [anything] is not good.
  4. lol, they there terry i don't think you have crappy drives, but i'm no expert -heh. i'm not sure of the read/write speeds...what they're supposed to be, but they don't look that bad to me. someone will be along in a bit and help ya' out. (its that timezone thang)
  5. kewlness of course you wouldn't want to leave HT off 'cept for the pit test
  6. i don't think this thread is as rediculous as trying to advocate drug abuse. repeatedly stating that one uses dope on a regular basis does nothing for one's argument. a murderer can't argue his position that way, nor does a foolish man argue for his sanity....in every case, there are better arguements...better points to be made. if you had one chance to state your case... one chance to stand before congress on behalf of your cause...pick your words carefully. just remember that everything you say can be used against you by your adversary.
  7. LOL i actually didn't mean it that way....more like "that argument is childish" and the 'man' part is just slang for 'dude' or whatevah.....lol.
  8. poor argument. what is wrong is wrong. abuse is abuse. irresponsibility of the doctor and the patient is no exuse to abuse any drug...legal or not. "well, they're doing it!! why can't i?" pfft...childish man.
  9. very good point CD. my mother gets toasted on less than one glass of wine. it isn't pretty...in fact it is embarrassing. fortunately, she doesn't drink because of this. her family has a history of drug/alcohol abuse. she has her 'issues' but drinking isn't one of them. whew! still, of all the posts given so far, i haven't seen a good arguement 'for' the use of pot or its legalization. obviously, my initial assessment of those that would advocate its use, their thoughts are being clouded by using it. if there are medical benefits of THC, then its THC that should be legaliz
  10. then we have to stand on different reasoning. i'm not arguing for or against anything here...pot, abortion, guns....nothing. my point is that the rationale of some seems to be fogged by their useage. health is not a good reason to justify legalizing pot, nor is 'i wanna do it'.
  11. while reasons for legalizing a drug can be argued, simply to be able to use it is not a valid one. guns should not be legalized simply because i want to use one. abortion shouldn't be legalized simply because i want one. we cannot justify the use of something, or the act of doing something simply because "that's what i want". smoking is unhealthy. cancer or not, our lungs to not like smoke. for every study that claims a health benny of using pot, there are thousands that claim its detriment to our health. let's be honest here. there are those that want pot legalized simply beca
  12. true that...norton is a resource hog. don't go online without something tho....don't even have the cable connected to the PC without something protecting you. if there are auto-updates going on, you'll be slow. if you don't have enough ramm, you'll be slow. if windows is configured for 'looks' and not performance, you'll be slow. if you have norton you'll be slow. if you have a virus, you'll be slow. if you haven't had your coffee yet, you'll be slow. post a pit test so we can have a look-see.
  13. i haven't played COD but just got my version of COD2 and am really impressed. (course i'm easy) i love the dynamics of the game...the story line...everything. well done machine. well....i'm still used to atari pong tho' so where does that put me?
  14. my heart goes out to you and your family CB. i don't have words that express my feelings, so i won't try to 'make them up'. i'll just offer these.... "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those who are crushed in spirit." PS 34:18 "For the Lord does not abandon anyone forever. Though he brings grief, he also shows compassion according to the greatness of his unfailing love." Lamentations 3:22-26, 31-32
  15. hey there, i very much look forward to the sparkleys in your posts. it lets' me easily distinguish you from the miriad of posts in any thread. when i see them i think..."juliet, wo0t!=knowledgeable, helpful, funny, nice and sparkly. better read this post." don't let one nube's lack of forum-tact change your posts in any way. keep being you wo0t! :beer:
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