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  1. I don't think I actually 'downloaded' anything (I unknowingly opened up a page which turned out to be "shady", didn't click on anything, and just backed out of it), but my Symantec Antivirus brought up these: 'downloaded.trojan' & 'downloader.trojan' in my Threat History file. I attempted to delete them right from my Threat History file, but Symantec brought up the following message: Symantec Antivirus cannot perform this action on the files you selected. Possible causes: The files have been moved or deleted The computer they are located on is turned off You are trying to clean files located in an email message You are trying to clean a compressed file in a container I ran a full scan but it found nothing. Symantec wouldn't show me the entire address (the end was cut off) of where the trojan was located, but it did point me in the right direction. I checked every folder there & found nothing that matched the virus file names (shown in threat history). So then I followed all the Symantec instructions - disabled Windows XP, updated the virus definitions, restarted in safe mode, ran another full scan (found nothing again), and lastly cleared the temp internet files. This just happened yesterday and I don't think I am seeing any ill-effects from this virus yet, but I am paranoid as this is my work computer, I am on a network, and we do have personal information on file. Thanks for the help, fairban
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