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  1. try turning off system restore before deleting the registry entrys.
  2. I suspect what you are hearing is air bubbles in your thermal paste with the expansion and contraction of the heat sink and CPU... Try reseating your heatsink to your CPU with a fresh aplication of your favorite thermal paste, slightly twist your heatsink to forcre any air pockets out. Remember a couple of bb sized dabs is all you need.
  3. I had the same problem last night with Quicktime.. I was trying to load the stand alone version and I kept getting errors...
  4. I used to run ATI cards in all my puters... The problem sounds like you have a setting enabled that shouldnt be i belive it is called "VPU recover" or something like that I always turned my setting to off and i never had any problems i beleive that this setting is "ON" as default in the drivers... I would uninstall any other drivers you have installed for this card and use the factory ATI drivers for this card... Hope this helps
  5. fridge is a bad idea...to mush condensation.... Liqued nitrogen cooling is the only way to go
  6. cool i can check it out in my board then.. I didnt know that they made a 939 socket for an"Opteron" LOL will the 939 accept none ecc ram too?
  7. Should i go with a soket 940 or wait till the new sokets come out? Should i go with Dual CPUs or is Optron going to have a Dual core too?
  8. Im thinking about building a Optron box just for fun, any suggjustions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Great score... what kind of cooling do you use? Did you get that kinda speed with air?
  10. I understand were you are comming from...The valadation seems to be a "VERY GRAY AREA" as far as our right to privacy... How ever the way I understand it when we buy a "COPY" of a windows O/S we are not buying the OS just the license to use it. The thing that really burns me is that Microsoft wants me to buy a "license" for every computer i chose to intall it on And what really me off is that I have an OEM copy of XPhome and after i did 3 reformats I had to start calling Microsoft to "activate" windows.... That is total BS Sorry if i got alittle off topic :-)
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