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  1. I cannot thank you enough for all your help...Going to CompUSA tomorrow to buy a new computer, I think it's about time....Any Suggestions? I usually use my computer to play adventure games, Use the Print shop to work on my Churches weekly Sunday Programs, and sometimes download pictures from my Digital camera and print them.....
  2. Thank you, Thank you and as we say in Hawaii, MAHALO! You are the greatest.......I tried burning some files from My Documents and it did burn just fine. (I tried the burned disk on my other Puter). but when I check "D" & "E" drives I still get the message "D:\is not accessable, Incorrect Function" I get the same for "E" Drive and both have Program CD's in them. So I can do just about everything except use the "Drag to Disk Function" because the "E" drive is not recognized. About the Fonts...I did not know I had so many...How do I delete?
  3. OK it's done....Hope I did it correctly.
  4. Thank you so much for your help.....I did the Cleaning with CD Disk Cleaner and guess what? It worked and I was able to install the Registry Repair program. But now it doesn't work again....What's happening? Do you have any Idea what I can do to correct this problem. this is happening to both the "E" (CD ROM) and "D" CD-CDRW Drives. I tried downloading the latest drivers but the reply back is that I do have the latest drivers.
  5. My CD-RW and CD ROM drives don't work. It is listed in MY COMPUTER , but does not recognize them. I can play music CD's if I go to Windows Media Player and Click the "Now Playing" button and the music comes on then I go back to MY COMPUTER and click on the drive that the CD is in and it lists all of the songs on the CD. When I stop the Music CD, remove it, re-insert the CD and starting it again MY COMPUTER gives me this message D:\ "NOT ACCESSABLE, INCORRECT FUNCTION. I tried installing a Registry Repair program but drives will not recognize. What can I do to Repair this?
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