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  1. Some folks worry about the stupidest things....a thread gets closed..so what?? I think the mods on this site give a lot of latitude on most subjects...and I support 99.9% of everything they do. v
  2. Yeah...and I missed all the excitement...... I hate being left out... v
  3. Think your right there mouse...our dear friend John even had to pay the shipping to get it from you to me...then I drove it to its final destination... v
  4. Oh you know you want that 733 celly back... v
  5. Ahh well..I just read these posts...was pretty entertaining tho... v
  6. Well radio has worked hard on this one...he always does.. my main thing is keeping the pitstop itself out of any courts..and i ain't even a dang lawyer... I just do what feels right most of the time...that won't always cut it tho... v
  7. You know me better than that... I like covering all the pitfalls..and there are some on this one...its not as straight forword as it looks here... The owners and my fellow mods know where I'm at on this... I'll abide by their wishes. v
  8. Well I like going against the grain... I say no..at least for now..but I'm sure smarter folks than me can figure out how to make it all work.. When I'm comfy with it..I'll back it 100%... v
  9. Lite beer and no sex...your hardcore dude... Eat a carrot...and have another yak at her... v
  10. I tend to forget the top threads...but heres one for the cause... v
  11. Been running 98/2k for alot of years...never once have I updated a driver...never For the past few years have avoided windows updates also... Keep in mind i'm on dialup..and a crappy one at that...so the 'always on' connections have to be treated for what they are...'always on'... I just ain't one for any 'updates' I spose...never had any good come of them.... v
  12. Sheesh..an old computer thread and I missed it.... Don't run 98 anymore..but i do run 2000 and thats pretty old in computer years... Ain't been to windows updates for 2-3 years...it breaks things all the time... If your hardware and software are getting along ok...leave it alone... v
  13. My keyboard bit the dust..but it was worth the effort to go get another for that...good post...v
  14. Not to make light of anything thats happened....but thats just silly to me... A crazy with 2 semi/autos and lots of reload clips seems ''scary'' to me...v
  15. On the face of it..thats a great idea... The problem as I see it is with all the warnings.... the boy who cried wolf syndrome... I still think we need somebody well trusted with a gun...to be able to put an end to things. v
  16. Hey the ''outta here'' part was good... droll smiley.... v
  17. I seldom go easy...but agree with the cowboy..at least partly.. Don't think we need to send every student on campus out armed..but do think we can come up with something better than what I'm seeing now...maybe something along the lines of our airplane cops?? v
  18. sarcastic is how I took it... far be it from me to know anything about that tho... v
  19. Heck I don't know?? was part of a plan that we yakked over between ourselves...it wouldn't hurt a thing in my opinion....but my boss likes both forums... so I wouldn't fret it... v
  20. Well thats my fault too..my phone/internet went down last night..and it still ain't right... Been an entertaining thread tho from what I'v seen so far... btw I won't be making any forum changes untill I get 4 hours of service that don't get cutoff..I got an email sent to bb...
  21. You must be in or near the same old folks home as shogie?? Was a lot of b's tho... v
  22. For the past 2-3 days this forum has been in a conflict with itself...that has to stop. bb will be a member in good standing again...but with some attachments.. I'll explain those to him in private. I also hold some fat for this getting this far...I like jousting with most folks...some folks just don't see the jousting as I intended..and thats not good....I'm sorry for that... I'm just glad bb is back and I hope he keeps on helping those who need it when he can...he's a good man..good ole lady backing him up too... Also I think were going to be closing the PD and GD forums
  23. volt

    how do i

    Both... Glad to hear that... v
  24. volt

    how do i

    And I love you too.. Give it a break...I said were having a rehash... Heck I miss jousting with bb more than anyone here... v
  25. Well I tried as long as I could to keep this one open... Lets give it some time to sort out...I promise an answer sunday afternoon..even if its not what you want to hear...I'll be here.
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