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  1. Well just don't hurt my mouse!!! v http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/index.php?ac...Profile&MID=108
  2. volt

    Bloody Fun!

    Get ya a medal from me.
  3. And may al-Qaeda rot in hell.
  4. Was watching some of the test flights on cnn last night,,thats a very cool aircraft.
  5. In other words,,he'll post back later,,when he catches his breath!!!! v
  6. Ahh now fragged ain't that bad. v
  7. Real glad to see ya back Kylie!! you take good care and get back more often!! v
  8. Give your cousin my very best wishes for a full recovery kimberley!! v
  9. volt


    lmao!!! Me too!!! v
  10. volt


    I like um just fine. v
  11. volt


    Nope,,don't ask ya if I can close them either huh??
  12. Well just stay away from the darkside of this forum and its pretty nice I agree. Them war and politics threads can be hell.
  13. My very best wishes Moon,,hope you have a long and prosperous life together!! Rosi,,you got the pick of the litter,,take good care of him. v
  14. Well fix your damn watch!! v
  15. volt

    Site Blocking

    May be something to do with the google ads here,,but dave will have t say for sure. v http://spyblocker-software.com/IPB/index.p...?showtopic=1198
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