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  1. Its a long story little lady... But 2000 is still the best ever in my opinion...and it will be on this machine the first time 98se screws up... v
  2. Windows 2000 is by far the best I have used over a long haul... Running 98se at the moment...it ain't done bad ...yet... v
  3. Well its 4 hours now..still no screwups... v
  4. No changes posted in the mod forum Bear?? And I ain't seen anything new or silly in the couple hours I been here... Well I did see chopdoc. v
  5. It was just last weekend on the old ford van...28.654 miles on that oil..it had a quart or two added tho... Went 6500 on my small GMC pickup...it looked bad tho...road tar... v
  6. Can't say I disagree with any of that...been fighting some health issues and getting a full set of new teeth all at the same time myself.... Its really important not to take any more pain pills of any kind than you just have to have to deal with it. But I think its the resistance to them that can cause even more problems with most of us... v
  7. Was going to have a go on this one...but mouse pretty much covered it all for me... v
  8. volt

    New Mod

    Hey..don't get smart..you could be next... v
  9. volt

    New Mod

    Trust me..they will be tracking you down... From all I'v seen on the forums tho...you'll do just fine... v
  10. Oh come on little lady..I have seen ya..and your very pretty... Shogie on the other hand ain't shared much...but I have an idea he ain't much to write home about on looks... v
  11. Well leave it to my Missouri lady to get that out.... v
  12. Oh my butt...shogie turned 60 back in 02... Happy birthday Steve.......we love ya lots around here.... v
  13. Happy birthday Hawk!! v
  14. dickster..I called the doc...he says your lost... Your one of our best...stick it out..we all go through that ''burnout'' stage...been there 3 or 4 times myself...think I'm still there... Hang in there my good man... v
  15. Big happy birthday one2...wish ya many more... v
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