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    EMachine, AMD Sempron 3300, 512 Mb RAM HD1 100Gb, HD2 250Gb DVD-RW 16X, DVD-ROM/CD-RW 48X
  1. Hi Surferguy, Sorry, I got disconnected for a few days. I am glad you finally resolved your problems. Me too ... I was really worried if I have the same problem in power supply. And I contacted the eMachine help desk person to find out the specifications of my system and asked for assistance to sove my problems. They told me to check out my computer setting to make sure everything has been set correctly before deciding to do the necessary steps. As for the sleep mode problem, he suggested to make sure that the power management settings are correct. These settings determin
  2. Thanks for your info, Eclipse... I'l try to download that software and install it to speed up my connection. BTW, what is RWIN?? Thanks.
  3. I think Mouse is right about the main characteristics of my PC (eMachine). Maybe its component installation, including the power system is too strict to accept any additional parts which will be installed into the system. Honestly I am really blind about inside the PC case and still learning hard about it. Maybe some of you can tell me what other symptoms that might happen to the PC when the part of system fails due to, let's say, lack of power or somthing.. Right now the problem that happened to my PC can be avoided. I follow the suggestion not to sleep my PC. Instead, I let it still on
  4. Thanks to mouse & The Dude for your responses, I'll check the pins to find out.
  5. For All of you who are really experienced with PC, please :help: me .... I have a new PC, EMachine with AMD Sempron 3300, 512Mb RAM, 100 Gb HD (originally) & CD-RW/DVD-ROM (originally). In order to do some video projects, I installed additional HD (Western Digital, 250 Gb 7200 rpm) & DVD-RW DL 16X, both of them are installed as Slave. They ran fast and very good until two weeks ago when I subscribe DSL for my internet connection. My DSL sometimes doesn't run as fast as I expect and the connectivity is disconnected sometimes even the modem still on. The worse, my computer jus
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