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  1. Thanks alot Juliet, Thats put my mind at rest now, just got to find out how to remove this spoofstick from my pc Kind Regards Nikki
  2. P.S When I have moved stuff from C to E drive I will run another pit stop test
  3. Good Afternoon dough, Thanks very much I have deleted scanspyware from my pc. I have just thought of something that may or may not be important. About 6/7 weeks ago, someone told me about something called spoofstick, and said it was really handy. I never normally download anything unless Ive confirmed it with my friend, but I downloaded it anyway. I have tried many times since to try and remove this program, but cant find any info at all on removal, in fact I cant find it in add/remove programs either. I have tried a search on the system, and it doesnt come up with anyt
  4. Good Afternoon Dough, I ran housecall the other night, and my friend checked the results, and didn’t find anything suspicious, the weird thing is I went to run it again, and peerguardian would normally flash and ask if I want to let housecall in, but I kept getting the Savvis Sourceforge Split2 End Range site trying to get in, now that savvis thingy, has constantly been trying to gain access through peerguardian thousands of times a day for the past few days, do you know if it is part of housecall? I personally don’t think it is, because I have blocked it, and the scan ran ok the other
  5. Thanks again Champion, Here is the results from the pitstop test for you http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=P1VR0WE4SLCSAHKR I wont be on the pc until tommorow but will check back here as soon as I get home. Still dont know why my cpu is at 50%, only got this forum and the test open Thanks again Kind Regards Nikki
  6. Thanks very much for the info champion_munch, I didnt realise scanspyware was a bit suspect. I have ran nearly every online scan that was on your list, and nothing has found e-surveiller on my pc except that, so I rekon they are pulling a fast one. When I ran Spyware Doctor it found something called NetObserve in c:\windows\unvise.32.exe, whicg google came back as a backdoor keylogger, so I darnt use paypal or internet banking, so dont know how to remove the bloomin thing I am just running Microsoft antispyware, and also I put a tick in the system restore to turn it off when I scan
  7. Good Evening, I have had a nightmare trying to sort this problem out, and I'm hoping some kind soul will be able to help me. My friend upgraded my pc the other day and put on ScanSpyware, which picked the following nasties up which google said were keyloggers. e-surveiller – Reg Key – HKEY-CLASSES-ROOT.ZIG – HIGH RISK e-surveiller – Reg Key – HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINESOFT – HIGH RISK I started in safe mode with system restore turned off but soon as I reboot they are back, I have tried various things, and even though scanspyware says they have been removed, as soon as I reboot, t
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