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  1. Hi again, I`m sure the usb stick is OK.I`m pretty sure I got the infection by clicking on a link on a website.Cant remember what the site was though.As soon as the pop ups started appearing I disconected the pc from the router and re booted it in safe mode.I then turned the laptop on and I`m sure it is clean.I then downloaded the tools I needed(MalwareBytes etc) to the laptops desktop,then transfered them to the usb drive.All the while my AVG software on the laptop didn`t give any alerts.I then researched how to get rid of AntiMalware Doctor.Then proceeded as above.After the cleaning was done
  2. OK an update of what I did.As I got rid of the AntiMalware Doctor infection by basically disconnecting the machine from the internet(luckily I had a laptop to search for the relevant tools as the infection would not let me download any tools to help)So downloaded HJT and antimalwarebytes etc to a USB stick then ran them on the infected machine. I followed online instructions and got rid of the infection. Now to the problem in my first post.The PC was running well apart from the annoying error message during boot up.So I switched off System Restore then did a system restore to a date when
  3. Hi I have just got rid of an infection called AntimalwareDoctor, by following instructions I found online.AntimalwareBytes scan is now coming up clear, but when I start the PC a box pops up after the log-in screen With RunDLL in the top left hand corner and the message- There was a problem starting E1890.dll The specified module could not be found. Is there any way to get rid of this annoying pop up at start up?The pc now appears to be running fine apart from that.Any advice will be appreciated. TIA Coggley
  4. Sorry Andrew S. only just seen your reply.The pc came with a soundcard. 5.1 There are 6 3.5 mm jacks on it 5 for the speakers and 1 for a microphone or other recording device to plug into. Still ok so I`m leaving it alone now.Waiting for my Windows 7 upgrade disk for the fun to start again Cheers Coggley
  5. Hi again, I have now solved this problem.Well at least the speakers are now working with no problems.After searching for a solution,it appears that there is some problem with the Realtek HD audio managerand Vista.Whether there is a solution to this I haven`t been able to work out yet. Anyway the simple fix in the end was to go to msconfig and just disable Realtek from starting.I`m now using the onboard sound and everything seems to be OK now.The Realtek just did not work properly and even though it was all up to date with software and drivers it just wouldn`t work.If there is a solution f
  6. Hi again, this is extremely frustrating, I can get the Bose system working,then when I click the okay button on the Realtek HD audio Manager it cuts the sound off,then it takes me half an hour to go through all the settings again to get the sound working again.Then I have the same problem, the Realtek box has appeared on the desktop and the only button I can press to do anything is the okay button but when I click it, it cuts the sound to the speakers again. How can I get it to save the settings?I`ve been googling for a solution but haven`t found one yet.Any suggestions will be gratefully
  7. Hi sorry for not replying sooner,I got sidetracked by other things.Anyway as Realtek had disappeared ,I`ve ended up doing a system restore.The Realtek HD audio manager is now back, but I haven`t got around to trying to get the speakers working.I will post back when I get time to try again.All the drivers are up to date and loaded so I will try again when its not too late at night(I dont want to upset the neighbours by playing loud music ) Thanks again Coggley
  8. Hi again, I don`t know what I`ve done but the Realtek HD audio manager has now disappeared from the pc.I`ve now got no sound and don`t know how to detect or restore the sound card.Any suggestions? Thanks again Coggley
  9. Hi again, I finally got the speakers working,but now they are not again.I unplugged everything set a tune playing plugged in headphones in front port, all working fine.Unplugged the phones then plugged the Bose into the port for centrespeaker/subwoofer and hey presto all 3 speakers working fine.Volume control via the Bose controller was fine.I plugged the headphones into the Bose all worked fine.Unplugged headphones, speakers still working OK.I then stopped the music did some other stuff, then tried music again NO SOUND coming from the speakers. From this I take it that Vista is not keep
  10. Hi again thanks for the reply.The Bose only has one connector that goes from the back of the Bose main speaker to the audio output of the PC.So the bose unit is the amplifier if you like,with the other 2 speakers and the controller wired from the back of the Bose main speaker. The soundcard on my new pc has 6 sockets at the back.5 for the audio outputs and 1 for a microphone or other recording device.So I`ve tried plugging into all 5 audio outlets but still cant get it working.Ive done all the obvious things like disabling the digital trying as many set up configurations, and making sure
  11. Hi, let me explain my problem.I have the Bose companion 3 speakers which is basically a large centre or Subwoofer speaker and 2 smaller speakers that sit eithe side of your desktop or laptop.Until 2 days ago I had an old PC that the sound card was playing up on so I had my Bose system plugged into the headphone socket and it worked fine.I could still use headphones as the Bose system come with a volume controll "puck" with a socket for plugging in a set of headphones and an external device like an iPod. As i said all working fine.Now I`ve just treated myself to a new PC that has a 7.1 and
  12. Hi again,as I`ve said before my pc is a good few years old now and I`ve been thinking about a new one for a while.My mind is now made up and a new one will be on it`s way soon. As we seem to be going round in circles with no malware or apparent virus showing up,i`ve come to the conclusion that it must be a combined problem of old hardware playing up causing the "slowness" while surfing and perhaps corrupted system files/drivers or some other deep rooted problem. Once again I can`t thank you enough for your time, patience and help,I`m sure the pc would have been dead and buried a whi
  13. Ok here`s the logs, incidently just before I got on the computer my son was on it and it crashed with the dreaded blue screen with the error ati2dvag, which I believe has something to do with the graphic card driver. Anyway it re-booted OK and here are the latest logs- SystemLook v1.0 by jpshortstuff (29.08.09) Log created at 20:40 on 17/11/2009 by Dave (Administrator - Elevation successful) ========== filefind ========== Searching for "aicse.com" No files found. -=End Of File=- Results of screen317's Security Check version 0.99.0 Windows XP Service Pack
  14. Hi again,here`s what happened.I downloaded JavaRa to my desktop, and followed the instructions but when I got to Select Update Using Sun Java's Website then click Search and click on the Open Webpage button, it just hung there with nothing happening.I deleted JavaRa and tried again but the same thing happened. Here is the Malwarebytes log:- Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.41 Database version: 3178 Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 16/11/2009 15:28:59 mbam-log-2009-11-16 (15-28-59).txt Scan type: Quick Scan Objects scanned: 110337 Time elapsed: 5 minute(s), 39 second(s) Memo
  15. Sorry should have put in my last reply that I flushed the DNS settings.I have installed IE7 and disabled the add ons I had in Firefox,but am still experiencing psges very slow to load and google searches being re directed. This site is where a random search kept sending me to aicse.com I searched for BBC and thats where clicking on several of the google results sent me.I`ve tried to get Kaspersky and Panda to scan since and had the same results as before.Kaspersky would not run and Panda ActiveScan runs for hours and gets to 14% and showing 5 infected files but the computer just crashe
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