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  1. Here is a copy of your email and my reply, it does represent my feelings Accurately. Cancel whatever you desire as my further association with your corporation is over! CiscoKid I do not know what the H*** you're talking about,..as I did not request or ask for a new subscription.!!! Not only do I get billed for a your sub to program, but another damn $25. at least for overdrafts as my account is empty .This is bullszhiz, WWW.PCPITSTOP.COM has further diminished it's ability as a tech friendly resource to grab what cash y'all CAN and apologize later ? You are mos
  2. My experience with "Vista" is not one of love, my wireless LAN on my notebook has stopped along with other windows programs, one of which I backed up XP with before I migrated with vista upgrade..Now the queston is how to go back to XP now that my backup program is not supported by Vista? Don't worry, I will achieve the "Fall" back to xp, a perfectly fine program, ( the curiosity killed me with Vista). Why fix something that ain't broke? Windows XP PRO suites all my needs as far as windows go. I did do microsofts virtual labs with vista before it was released, not near the same as when you r
  3. I was wrong in that incedent Spy Sweeper was RIGHT, the scan (Brief) that was performed by Pitstops scanner was off a little , Then when I did a complete scan with PCPitStop's Spy scanner it did not give me same info, but did manage to find files I had downloaded and never opened that were Spyware And Worse! CiscoKid
  4. I am using Spysweeper a Webroot systems product since Feb. of this year. I like the shields and supposed to detects worms before they reach you. But I just used PC Pitstop's Exterminator on a quick scan and found Trojan.win32ftp Attack on my PC that Spysweeper did not as well as 3 other Tracking cookies. After I did the Exterminator scan I Scanned with Norton's Internet Sercurity + Antispyware Full scan and it did not detect anything either. Now I am wondwering how I can remove this Trojan as I went Compter Associates "CA" and the files it affects or controls are some of windows registary, ex
  5. I have the Optimizer version and it does a very nice job indeed. So why would ya want to upgrade? I found the Advertisement in my email. CiscoKid
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