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  1. Here is a copy of your email and my reply, it does represent my feelings Accurately. Cancel whatever you desire as my further association with your corporation is over! CiscoKid I do not know what the H*** you're talking about,..as I did not request or ask for a new subscription.!!! Not only do I get billed for a your sub to program, but another damn $25. at least for overdrafts as my account is empty .This is bullszhiz, WWW.PCPITSTOP.COM has further diminished it's ability as a tech friendly resource to grab what cash y'all CAN and apologize later ? You are most definitely evermore a liability to me and others.I have already earlier requested "no more email" as your usual tips and latest tech posts have been replaced by intrusive advertisements that need only the most gentle click to relocate to your sales counter. KISS MY BUTT ! Markus --- On Sun, 2/15/09, PC Pitstop LLC <[email protected]> wrote: From: PC Pitstop LLC <[email protected]> Subject: Recurring Billing notification: PC Pitstop Optimize 2.0 (1-year subscription) As per your instruction, we have charged your credit card xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xzxx --------------------------------------------- Description= PC Pitstop Optimize 2.0 (1-year subscription) Recurring Product Price= 29.99 -------------------- -------------------- Total Charge = $29.99 Please feel free to email us at [email protected] should you have any further questions. Thank you for your continued support. Sincerely Keith Linden PC Pitstop LLC 843-414-4421 [email protected] www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp
  2. My experience with "Vista" is not one of love, my wireless LAN on my notebook has stopped along with other windows programs, one of which I backed up XP with before I migrated with vista upgrade..Now the queston is how to go back to XP now that my backup program is not supported by Vista? Don't worry, I will achieve the "Fall" back to xp, a perfectly fine program, ( the curiosity killed me with Vista). Why fix something that ain't broke? Windows XP PRO suites all my needs as far as windows go. I did do microsofts virtual labs with vista before it was released, not near the same as when you replace XP OS'es. Cisco
  3. I was wrong in that incedent Spy Sweeper was RIGHT, the scan (Brief) that was performed by Pitstops scanner was off a little , Then when I did a complete scan with PCPitStop's Spy scanner it did not give me same info, but did manage to find files I had downloaded and never opened that were Spyware And Worse! CiscoKid
  4. I am using Spysweeper a Webroot systems product since Feb. of this year. I like the shields and supposed to detects worms before they reach you. But I just used PC Pitstop's Exterminator on a quick scan and found Trojan.win32ftp Attack on my PC that Spysweeper did not as well as 3 other Tracking cookies. After I did the Exterminator scan I Scanned with Norton's Internet Sercurity + Antispyware Full scan and it did not detect anything either. Now I am wondwering how I can remove this Trojan as I went Compter Associates "CA" and the files it affects or controls are some of windows registary, executables in windows/ 32system/ such as Dr.Watson and numerous DLL files. I know they easy way would be to purchase PCpitstop's Exterminator, but at the moment hardup in the cash department. I sent Spysweeper a detailed report this morning, Nrton suggests using thier program in safemode, I trying that once before and was given error message that not enough drivers or resources. Does anyone have other solutions for removule of Trojan.win32.ftp attack ? CiscoKid
  5. I have the Optimizer version and it does a very nice job indeed. So why would ya want to upgrade? I found the Advertisement in my email. CiscoKid
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