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  1. I got this in the mail yesterday so pretttyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of setup are you guys running? Cpu? etc etc..
  2. Well, im looking to build a small form factor because its little, light, and WiFi built in on it, i can carry it right in the living room, hook it up hdmi and play on a 360 controller if i want to, or watch a movie. From what ive read the psu seems strong enough under load. with a 7850,or 7870 i wont draw anymore than 330watts i think. Ive got a big case already, thermal take armor. its a full tower, its just the front panel is missing. i don't know where to get a replacement for it. I guess i want something thats a little bigger than a video game console. But about 10-20 tim
  3. Yes, i was looking at that board. Although, it has no ability to overvolt or even under volt.
  4. Hey guys, long time no see! Its been a while. I must say, have not been here since 2009! wow lol, im married with 2 kids now. thats crazy.. anyways, i started checking out the pc market again. As im typing this on my Intel P4 2.93ghz with 1gb ram and a ide HD on integrated grapihics. its so fasttt!! wooh just got done beating crysis 2. lol joke! No ive been looking in the market alot now! Newegg mainly, looked all through amd and intel. I was a big AMD fan, and now it seems intel is doing so good with there cpu's. Anyways, after alot of reading and checking out the newer games. Thats it fo
  5. Hey guys, i have been though a mill getting GTA IV to work on my pc. first of all, make sure you have windows xp with sp3/ or windows vista with sp1. because it wont work withouth either of those. and the game is very difficult to run. mainly because when gta IV designed the game, they actually didnt do such a great job. but! you can make the game run alot better like what i did. also you need to download a cache booster. especially for people with only 2gb of memory like my self. but before i tweaked a little bit, it was crushing my gtx 260. and using all the memory!
  6. currently running the GTX 260 at 710mhz core/ 1404Mhz shaders, and 2400Mhz memory. i have looped 3dmark vantage at 1680/1050 4xaa 16xAF extreme settings. all is well, also games are running stable, as well ati tool artifact scanner runs all day as well. I have yet to push the core or memory or shaders to a overclock that shows artifacts. im still trying temps are 61c load 100% fan speed.
  7. I got the GTX 260 today, and the card was retail sealed in box! although, it was a factory overclocked as well! it was clocked at 647mhz core/1300mhz shaders 2200mhz memory! this is a great deal for 170$ fallout 3 is blazing fast! wow! i have not tested benchmarks yet, although i have not overclocked the card either. im curious to see how far it will go!!!! what u guys think for 170$? newegg is #1 By the way, the card just barely fit in my case. it had about 1mm of clearance. i thought i was going to have to cut my case up to make it fit. and for overclocking im sure the c
  8. ok i got my new PSU today, antec 1000 for 170$. sounds good! installed that. from the tracking info my video card posted in raliegh today! so i will have it tomorrow. cant wait to overclock!!!!! man im cpu limited come on tax refund time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hey guys good hearing from ya. Well its actually a long story. i found my self looking at video cards, and its not the new core 216. its just the original gtx 260. although! I found it OEM for 172$ on newegg. and i purchased it and payed for it, but turns out newegg was out of stock. so there sending me a retail one for 172$. i feel lucky! i purchased a new powersupply so i could power it as well. and yess very CPU limited i am. i will be upgrading that very shortly. i sold the hd4850 for nearly what i paid for the gtx 260. so i came out really well. and i have realized in some games where u
  10. Hey guys, anyways, im downloading :fallout3: and wanted to make sure i could run the game very well. i picked up a OEM GTX 260 at newegg for 172$ msi 896mb. hopefully they overclock a little better then the 4850's did. Does anyone have a GTX260? Do u have it overclocked? Anyways, i made the mistake to place the order saturday, so even though ive been charged nothing will be sent out till monday.
  11. I got it working with no router!! yes finally. I just went to dial up properties and enables networking internet sharing. and now its working great!! both computer OL wuth my 3G usb modem and laptop connected to desktop with ethernet.
  12. OK ive got Alltel wirless Wifi modem hooked USB in to my desktop, And im running my laptop to my desk top via ethernet. my desktops internet works fine and i can share files to both computers. but i cant get the internet to work with my laptop. Only my desktop has internet. I got it to work for 5 minutes, both having internet. And it stopped. Ive tryed everything i turned on file sharring with both computers, And got both private connections. and i tried public connections. How do i do this??? Thanks for the help
  13. I would plan for another HD4850 proubly 2 weeks after i got the new board and CPU running.
  14. well, There are going to be alot of games out there, And there are games out now, That i see FPS drops. And, crysis is hard to run to. Crossfire seems to double the performance. Other then the boards crossfire problem, Everything else on it is fine.
  15. Yes, The board Is nice. Although, When running crossfire It runs 1 video card at 16x and the other video card at 4x. Im not sure how much of a hit that is. but, from what im hearing that defeats the purpose of it even being crossfire capable.
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