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  1. nope they wouldent connect to each other wirelessly, the netgear router is for providing wireless access to a wired network, it needs to be either a wireless card/adapter etc or a wireless device especially made for connecting ethernet machines to a wireless network like the one in my first post either one of these would then allow you to connect to your wireless modem.
  2. depending on what firewall your using usually you just need to go onto it e.g. it could say "firewall rules" (usually named something similar to this) then you add the service (give it a name) add what port it uses, then select what action to take e.g. for you it would be block. if you use something like zone alarm, MSN messenger will be listed in there and you can just click it to deny access. but if you do it this way and not the limited account way make sure to password protect what ever firewall your using whether its hardware based or software based so nothing can be changed unles
  3. as far as i know normal routers wont connect to each other wirelessly (correct me if im wrong) unless you go for the expensive cisco/3com wireless switches which have ethernet connection and can connect to wireless, you can get range expanders that expand the range of your wireless, but you would still need wireless connections for your 360 and other pc's etc.
  4. Also if he has a firewall he can block the ports it uses then even if she does have it, it wont connect.
  5. Also if you have a router that has built in web site blocking like my netgear one you could try that, i havent tryed mine so i cant comment on how good it is but its worth a shot. Also when MS's new OS is released "vista" it has much much better web site blocking controls etc its a very powerfull tool great for people who dont want there kids going on anything they shouldent.
  6. Its in mega bits, same as your 5mbps is also in bits a general rule on finding out your actual possible download speed is to divide the mbps by 8, for example 5 divided by 8 gives you 0.625 so your possible maximum download speed on your DSL should be around 625kbps. WEP could slow you connection down if you think of it this way for a packet of data each has to be encrypted at one end like the access point, then when it reaches the other end it has to be decrypted so this gives a little overhead, although even with the added overhead you should always have WEP enabled preferable WPA-PSK if
  7. With certain ISP's once you pass your limit they block your ability to download or limit it, but still allow web viewing, accessing e-mail etc. Although they usually do send some sort of warning via e-mail first.
  8. What modem is it that you have? You might be best off buying a new modem/router with wireless capabilities these usually come with 4 ethernet ports, then you can connect what you want wirelessly to the router i.e. your xbox 360 if you have a wireless device for it like the one in my post. also normal routers cant connect with each other wirelessly.
  9. Is this with any site you try to download from? as the error means the server has exceeded its download limit it could also mean you have reached your limit with your ISP's usage allowance.
  10. It could be to do with many things, the distance you are away from your access point if there is any interference (wireless phones etc) etc. Also not to mention with wireless they never run at exactly the speed stated as alot of the signal is lost when travelling through the air. as wireless 802.11g is 54mbps so in theory it runs at around 6.75Mbs (actual possible download speed) so take away some of that from the traveling through the air and its more like 3mbs. also have you made sure both the access point and wireless card are both capable of 802.11g (54g) also if your using WEP
  11. I gues its something like this your looking for D-link bridge basically acts as a wireless router for a games console like the 360.
  12. Like the others have said, i would make sure that its a real e-mail from your ISP as it could easily be a fake, i get lots of fake e-mails from ebay and paypal and i know the e-mails are fake so i forward them to ebay to have it verified if its real or not. If it does turn out to be real make sure you have set some sort of wireless security set up like WEP or WPA, also if its a router you are using to connect to the internet you might be able to check the logs on the router to see who is connecting to the internet through it.
  13. just used it and i needed a supprising amount of wattage, and thats without the extra graphics card and 3 more HDD's i want.
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