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  1. SiS 760 is shown in the device manager, it is the only video card I have. This is a subject I know little about,video cards that is. I was going to disable it but being it is the only card installed I was not sure what effect it would have on my system.
  2. Thanks for the info. I think I will upgrade my memory to 1 gig. The max for my system is 2048 MB.
  3. They should be posted now, Thank You.
  4. Thanks for the reply! No I am not running any onboard video.
  5. After running PC Pitstop Full Test, I found there was a discrepancy between memory reported by the BIOS (512 MB) and the memory reported by Windows (384 MB) . I ran the SMBIOS reporting tool and was not really sure what to do from there. Any suggestions ? I thought cleaning out my processes list in task manager might free up some RAM and I removed a few worthless programs (using Castle Cops as a reference guide) but I have not been able to permanantly remove msmgs.exe . I went to services and disabled it (which removed it from my startup files) I also ended the process in task manager but after a few seconds it returns to the process list in task manager. Help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thank you all for your help. I tried all of your solutions. My speed is still slow. I am pretty sure at this point it is in the cable lines. An added clue is the lower channels on my cable TV are barely visible. Thanks again.
  7. My Cpu Usage at idle is o% in normal use it jumps between 2and 4%
  8. I am at my wits end here. I installed Charter High speed 3 meg service ,had DSL before that, and the max download speed I get is between .5 and 1 meg. Depending on what time of day it is. I have contacted the IP and they ran several tests. Their conclusion was that I have an open port that is draining my bandwith or active spyware.I have SpyBot, AdAware se, Spysubtract, Ewido anti malware. Shields Up, and Norton IS 2005 installed on my system. I have ran all of these programs daily for the past several days and the result were only negligable cookies. The Edwido and Shields Up offer a function that checks and shows open ports on the system.There seems to be no problem there. When the IP pings my location they tell me the signal is strong. I do not feel that there is any indication that is in my system.I should add that I have also ran pcpitstops diagnostics and passed all. I think the problem lies in the cable lines but the ping test says otherwise. Operating system is WindowsXP 2. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks
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