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  1. I've tried a lot of those product--some thoughts: Vopt: http://www.vopt.com/ --I thought this was the fastest one and had great disk clean up features, but, if I remember right, you can't defrag page file and memory if that is important to you. Didn't think Diskeeper was fast enough to justify price. Recommend: If you have a Wal-Mart near (and who doesn't) get SystemSuite, not the speediest, but faster than the Microsoft freebie and only $29 American--comes with a bunch of other product like anti-virus and clean up. Doesn't seem too much of a resource hog either. Just my opinion--wait for others to weigh in. Also someone on this site had a link to a file that replaces the Window defragger and is really fast--I'll see if I can find it. Back in a jiff.
  2. I noticed on my HP that one of the pins on the 20 pin connector that goes to the motherboard is empty/blank (number three, I think--ground?), but your mobo might need the connector!
  3. More about wpa.dbl: http://www.rdisruption.com/xp/xp00018.htm
  4. Had my HP for over a year now--had pretty good luck with it; best thing that ever happened was when I accidentally erased the hard drive and got rid of all that HP crap they put on it--they really load it up! Worst thing about them: no OS disk (maybe now they do because they got a lot of flak). Very underpowered (see below), but seem to work OK. I've swapped out about everything--hard drive, cds, etc. Fun to play with and learn. Love XP OS, except for activation. Am building my own through--waiting to get my OfficeMax rebates to finish--just need mobo and cpu, lol.
  5. I'm back! Holy, this board moves fast. I did get the IBM/Hatachi drive tool and no problem were found with the drive, quick test and advanced test. Whew! That's as far as I got. I have a laptop that has the same CPU (and it works and tests great), and I would l like to compare them: one time I was dinging around in Win98SE, and under some advanced tab, I found a write back enable/disable which was checked disable (there were also 6 or 7 other boxes)--but now I can't find the spot. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Would like to see how the two compare.
  6. I think all-in-ones (scanner, copier, and printer) are the way to go. I have the new HP 1210, and I really like it (small, compact)--only negative is the install seems to put a bunch of junk in that I'm not sure anyone needs. I paid $150 a month ago and they are already discounted to $99. My sis-in-law has the Lexmark X75 and that seems to work pretty well too. Around $75 for that all-in-one. Companies are practically giving printers away (almost disposable)--what they are selling is the ink cartridges! Most cartridges (color and b & w) cost more than some printers.
  7. Whoa! Patricko--most of what you say is over my head (sorry). X5, I will move the ram, and I set the performance to Let Windows manage, but that number (13.76 MB) stays the same. I'm going to IBM to look for a utility. Thanks
  8. Hey guys and gals, this one has me baffled. This is my son's computer--I've had it posted in the test forum area before and Dave said perhaps the writeback cache got disabled; he recommended some pay programs that might solve it, but I had no luck. Any tips that could help? I'm on my way there tonight (a 4 hour drive). Hope you have something for me when I get there as this computer shouldn't be this lame: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...ABPWWGDWA0SNAGB Thanks!
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