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  1. Police: Central Pa. Man Tried Sham 'shroom Swindle http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/07/sham-shroom-swindle_n_1133188.html Not only were the shrooms fake, but he was giving customers receipts!
  2. Easy router tweaks, video and article: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/upgrade-your-life/upgrade-life-extend-wifi-range-214513350.html
  3. Wow. Like I said in the title of this thread: Burger King cashier calls cops on 'herb' smoker http://www.google.co...b5327671085b024 Up In Smoke
  4. http://www.gocomics.com/speedbump/2011/11/27
  5. Excellent! This one always makes me lol:
  6. Talk about a dirty scam: South Florida toilet paper scam to net prison time for three Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/11/26/2519664/south-florida-toilet-paper-scam.html#ixzz1f0qA0rJQ
  7. Man accused of selling drugs out of day care http://bismarcktribu...1cc4c03286.html
  8. My favs in order (all FREE, I tell you): http://www.malwareby...lwarebytes_free http://go.eset.com/us/online-scanner (needs to run through IE for active X) http://www.superanti...m/download.html My virus/spyware protective #1, Microsoft Security Essentials: http://windows.micro...rity-essentials Since you are already bitten, I suggest Eset Online first
  9. What a load of crock! I just upgraded to an 8 core; what's the cheapest 16 core, $1000 and a new mobo?
  10. No nothing installed when you use http://www.ninite.com Very handy tool and you can select multiple programs. Good stuff, honest. Foxit Reader is the Bomb! (P.S: Adobe has always been a huge memory/etc. hog.)
  11. Sorry, Joey S leaves me cold. I understand he is considered great and he is fast , but.... Would Hendrix be considered great without the lyrics? It's like half an act to me. Just sayin. (P.S. I LOVE Mountain (aka Nantucket Sleighride--one of the greatest rock songs ever, IMO), but I HATE Mississippi Queen. I can't explain it: I turn it off like I turn off Free Bird. Sorry. Besides that, Leslie West isn't fat is that video, a bad sign in my way of thinking. No mountain there.)
  12. I like this one because it reminds me that I'm not the only one to forget: (Oops, I realize this could be political to Creationism types, but it's still dang funny
  13. Oh, come on! A joke is a joke. Smile.
  14. Guilty dog gives himself away: http://animalvideos.yahoo.com/video-detail?vid=27095138&cid=24037714
  15. Don't forget to set a good example for others to follow: Miami cop accused of driving 120 mph in squad car to off-duty job http://www.cnn.com/2...rss_igoogle_cnn
  16. Odd cover albums/songs--this should keep you busy for a while, addicting in a creepy way: http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/listoftheday/141523/20-crazy-covers-albums/ Don't miss Pat Boone singin' Smoke on the Water (first time I've ever understood the words, but that's not a good thing) I'm going to become a huge fan of the Dread Zeppelin (#20 on list) What's not to like about a medley of Black Dog/Hound Dog (not here, but you can hear a partial on Amazon)! These guys are more fun than Weird Al; Dread: The Song Remains Insane
  17. Google to pay $500-million fine for running Canadian pharmacy ads http://articles.latimes.com/2011/aug/25/business/la-fi-google-settlement-20110825 Um, how much do you suppose they made?
  18. Google is well on its way to being evil: http://gma.yahoo.com/confessions-gold-scammer-112850761.html
  19. John McCarthy http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/stanford-professor-john-mccarthy-father-of-artificial-intelligence-dies-in-calif-at-84/2011/10/25/gIQAFjDgGM_story.html
  20. Give this retirement plan a try: Indiana man, 87, nabbed with 228 pounds of cocaine, police say (and $2.9 million) http://news.yahoo.com/indiana-man-87-nabbed-228-pounds-cocaine-police-230721897.html
  21. Joe, from my experience, 60 gigs is enough too--you just have to send personal folders to another drive (easy enough to do) and use this program to tell you how much drive space Windows is using for virtual memory and hibernation, the 2 biggest hogs, and trim accordingly: http://forums.pcpits...eporting-tool/. I have 16 gigs of RAM and if you let Windows manage the size, it will set virtual memory at 16 gigs too, a big no, no. It also set hibernation at 12 gigs--I'm still working on trimming that or shutting it off. P.S. It is not enough to turn hibernation off (if you have that option) as the file--hiberfil.sys--stays there. The correct way is command prompt, run as administer, type in: powercfg -h off Hit return and reboot.
  22. Not entirely sure what software you are talking about, but since this is PCPitstop, I'll assume it is theirs. http://www.pcpitstop.com Top right under the Free in red--also in red: learn more. Click on it.
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