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  1. Running Win 8 Pro on one Intel quad machine for testing.
  2. Your next phone, tablet, computer, monitor, laptop will have a touchscreen.
  3. What specific changes from XP to Vista/Win 7? How some icons look? Such silliness. Imagine if you ran your highway department the same as the guy before you. Look at all the changes you made in a few months (in your thread in General Discussions) . You never give people enough credit. As always, you are such a Windows Naysayer. If anything, I kind of admire MS's boldness on this. You have trouble using your smartphone Pretty much the same interface. Like I said nobody is going to hurt themselves learning.
  4. Okay, Mikey's brothers-type. My favorite article title so far: Buying guide: How to get, or avoid, Windows 8 http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20121025/BIZ07/121029670/1234/biz07 :
  5. Windows 8 First Impressions (using Pro Version) Yes, there is going to be a learning curve, but I don't think it will be so steep that anyone will fall down and hurt themselves. Getting around is not, in my opinion, intutitive because for 25 or so years we have been using a START button. Not easy to give up START or do it the “new” MS way. I think anyone who uses a smartphone (and who doesn't—get with it folks!) will like the new Windows. It's tiles/apps, folks: it's similar to your smartphone interface. Ya know, try it, you might like it, Mikey! http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow5cHJx43i0 Many of the apps/tiles are live, so you get continual updates on weather and news, etc. Obviously, Windows 8 is Bing heavy and IE intrusive, but I'm guessing most things are customizable. Gawd, I hope! I have a Firefox app/tile, whatever. Hey, it's fun to get and try new apps, especially FREE ones. So far the apps leave something to be desired. For example, I tried the Netflix and Wikipedia apps and neither has a search feature that I can find. Am I missing something? Netflix gives me my queue and suggestions, and genres, but unless I can search for specific movies, the app is limited—I don't even know what genre some movies are! Wiki is even worse: if you right click at the bottom it gives an option to open in a browser—what's the point of the app then? I like the Newegg app. I'm logged in, I get deals, I get shell shockers. Cool. No facebook app that I could find (under freebies, anyway). How are people going to live? I'm sure apps will improve, BUT...no facebook app. What were they thinking? I've heard it has two IE's, one launches from whatever they are calling the new desktop (Metro, is out already, I heard), and one launches from the “old” desktop, and they are not the same. For instance, if you save a bookmark in one, it doesn't appear in the other. Not sure if that is a problem—maybe just another reason to use delicious.com or the one you prefer. Also none of the gadgets from my iGoogle page seem to work, but Goog is phrasing it out anyway. Just sayin'. I like how Windows 8 looks. Spiffy, I think. Oh yeah, I need a keyboard shortcut or something to get from whatever you are doing to the “new” desktop. Mousing to the corner and then clicking the Window Start icon (okay, I guess it does have a start button) is the most annoying thing ever. Help! Carry on, go with the flow, and play nice. Ffr2 P.S. Got the search figured out. You can search any specific app from the Search on the Start Bar. Very handy, powerful! Facebook is under the People tile, like there is some other communication app--Google+ ? O.K., Maybe you Twitter freaks.
  6. How To Turn On AHCI After Windows Install This tip can be a real time saver for system builders (if you do not know what AHCI is, this tip is not for you). Have you ever installed Windows 7 and forgot to enable AHCI in BIOS? In the “old” days you were told your only option was to re-install Windows. Not so! The following registry edit will enable AHCI after an install. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/services/msahci Then change value of Start to 0 (that’s a zero), and AHCI will work. Tip of the hat to MaximumPC Magazine
  7. So much good free software these days--here's a good place to get it (I believe all of it will work with XP): http://www.ninite.com P.S. Link is for after you solve your issues--did you get an error message yet on your BSOD?
  8. Article: Does racial bias fuel Obama foes? How to tell? http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jlI0GFMVt5CLl5C0TgCzStabeKWQ?docId=081c1bb1899e4c1ba3e9b4ec3fcf2e3b
  9. What the hell was that? I didn't see one original member of Yes. Those guys make Elton John look straight.
  10. Are you kidding me? Man with 30 kids wants state help to pay his child support http://now.msn.com/money/0518-man-30-kids-child-support.aspx
  11. I guess, if you have to go... Man dies in the middle of a lap dance at a strip club http://now.msn.com/living/0517-lap-dance-death.aspx
  12. Whoosh! Motorcyclist Arrested for Speeding at 170 Mph http://newsfeed.time...ing-at-170-mph/ ....I don't need no stinkin' license: told police it could go faster
  13. Scary: Dentist pulls out all of her ex-boyfriend’s teeth after split http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/dentist-pulls-her-ex-boyfriend-teeth-split-210829769.html What was he thinking?
  14. B., I can't tell you how many times you literally make me laugh out loud--why I keep comin' back. Myself, I subscribe to the Mark Twain philosophy that when your ship starts to sink, you need some vices to throw overboard. Hence, I am keeping all of mine.
  15. Hemp Vodka: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/alaska-company-unveils-hemp-seed-vodka-this-420/2012/04/20/gIQAircwUT_story.html O ^ Y
  16. RIP Levon Helm--The Band, I Shall Be Released 1970 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0WMBYQL14U
  17. As consumers, why do we put up with such crap? I take a coat with button missing back to Sears, I don't get a refurbished one--in fact, we would be replused if they gave us back a coat that someone else has worn. How is this different?
  18. I "was" a big fan of Antec until now--I've had lots of PSUs and cases and have never had a problem until now. I have a High Current 750 watt (suppose to be top of the line) PSU that failed and actually must have had a small fire inside because it left a black smoke stain on the case (imagine if that went up in flames), which I notice when I removed the PSU. It is still under warranty and I received a RMA number, which is all fine and good, but here (from Antec) is what burns my hind-end: AND it certainly doesn't tell ya that on the original box! As far as I'm concerned, I didn't buy a refurbished item so why should I get one in return? Guess this will be my last Antec purchase. Question: is this standard proceedure with other PSUs and, say, motherboard, etc., manufacturers? Seems like a Crock to me. What say yea? I have returned hard drives before--don't recall being told those were refurbished.
  19. I'm a big MS Essentials fan, but it does not scan email.
  20. Gawd, I luv this stuff: Idaho man with name tattoo tries to lie to police (about his name) http://magicvalley.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/police-tattoo-trips-up-suspect-who-gave-false-name/article_c9d1f772-00e4-5786-863f-487c84f700df.html
  21. Ya can't make this stuff up: Men arrested after deputy finds calf in backseat http://www.stltoday.com/news/weird-news/men-arrested-after-deputy-finds-calf-in-backseat/article_7e6ce27e-b13f-5916-a5a6-0d5a466580bb.html Whew! All I can say is I'm relieved it wasn't a sheep
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