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  1. Heartless--great song, but how ridiculous is the bass player's outfit?
  2. I would have given up after 3 communications and one day tech help. On to plan B.
  3. Hee, hee, MS can't be doin' too bad: Bill Gates Retakes World's Richest Title From Carlos Slim http://finance.yahoo.com/news/bill-gates-retakes-worlds-richest-200913309.html up $10 Billion.
  4. Classic Shell is included on auto installer http://ninite.com/ so that is the one I use--neat and efficient
  5. Nope, just saying since you rail against everything Windows/Microsoft, that when it is finally "over" for them, thank goodness we'll have Google to vent on. As I've maintained for some time, the days of "do no harm'' is far, far gone for Google. https://www.google.com/search?source=ig&rlz=1G1SNNT_ENUS425&q=google+lawsuits&oq=google+lawsuits&gs_l=igoogle.3...814010.822310.0.823261. Not to mention Apple....
  6. Time to start kicking Google around then.
  7. Didn't see that one coming
  8. Puleeeze, more like Bon Jovi sounds like Tom Petty.
  9. Meet the future: Look Ma, no mouse, trackpad, touchscreen--
  10. No offense, but how is pcmatic free? The download and scan is free, but the next click to fix anything is $49.99. Thanks, but no thanks. Like Alice's Restaurant, you can get anything you want (really Free) at http://www.ninite.com OK, I see cheap, sorry. $49.99 Really?
  11. Thanks, Paul. But batten down the hatches, as the Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse will be here soon.
  12. Yes, BB, it is OK to disagree, but that is not what happens at this forum. People are ridiculed, belittled, disparaged, and every other synonym. Ask any member, especially the women, who have been driven from here for their ideas. Oh, wait, you can't. Never mind. Nobody can ever say anything positive about Windows at this forum, a forum that gets it livelihood from Windows. I do not understand how that is allowed to happen. Pretty soon it will only be the members who have the most posts talking to themselves. Have fun with that. P.S: If you are not using it, why even bother posting here?
  13. Ah, good, the grand poohbut has arrived (his). We only need one more member to show up with the thread coffin nails. Nevermind, he was here earlier. All hail :worship: , all dance and sing Gleefully with flaming pitchforks: The Thread is Dead. The Thread is Dead. The Circle of Criticism is Complete. The Circle of Criticism is Commm--- Plete. Bing bong, The Thread is Dead (officially). :note2: *Heavy, heavy, dramatic Sigh. Looks around to see if anything will be missed or saved. Nope. Pulls the plug. Darkness Here, NOTHING MORE*
  14. It's about choice. Most who buy a new computer will have Windows 8 and have to deal with it. Don't like it, change it; lots of options. Nobody is forcing anybody to upgrade--you may stay in your old XP/Vista/Win7 world, but aside from the interface, the consensus seems to be that Win 8 is the superior OS.
  15. *Big Sigh* You never get it, do you? Ever see that classic movie about the Native American Contrary?
  16. P.S., BB, you don't think Intel is much of a player, then, huh?
  17. Best of both worlds--old Windows/new Windows (by Steve Hogan, aka shogan): http://techtalk.pcpi...n-4-easy-steps/ I get my Classic Shell at http://www.ninite.com
  18. See how it works? Intel demands ultrabooks add touchscreens http://money.cnn.com/2013/01/07/technology/innovation/intel-touchscreen-ultrabooks/
  19. What does this mean exactly, CB? Why not supply the link with it so people don't have to go way back to the first post, 47 pages ago to get it: http://www.thebreast....faces?siteId=2
  20. Made it through: http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/topic/200559-obat-herbal-lemah-syahwat/#entry1762784 Looks really interesting though.....
  21. BB, what you say may be true, but I used my Net10 phone for weeks in the Phoenix area and have never had a call drop or a busy signal.
  22. Your point? TracFone, Straight Talk, and Net10 are all the same company
  23. I have Samsung SCH-S720C Galaxy Proclaim and am a big fan of Net10, great coverage, $45 a month unlimited. http://www.net10.com/phone_details.jsp?model=UCMTST_009517
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