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  1. Is there a street view--I couldn't find one?
  2. Congrats, CB, I know you'll waste no time getting that lawn in shape with some TLC. Very nice--enjoy!
  3. Have a great day and birthday, oftentired! Enjoy--cake?
  4. Hey, since we're on the subject, my latest fishing adventure: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n39j62jray32g9t/AZ%20Bass%20Resized.jpg Caught my first largemouth bass at Canyon Lake, AZ, about 35 minutes from where I stay. First he went for the Banjo Minnow (ya, I fell for that ad ) but I couldn't hook; it then took the green spinner bait you seen in the pic, about 2 1/2, maybe three pounds! Had a great time! ffr2
  5. I'm too stingy to share my hooch with critters. This video is makin' the rounds: http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/excursions/post/angler-lands-two-big-bass-at-once-including-one-trying-to-swallow-the-other/
  6. Something inspiring to start your day: http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/blog/35039/stunning+time-lapse+video+of+the+pacific+northwest+making+internet+rounds/
  7. Nicely done--sounds very professional Hee, hee, love the Shroom/Still poster picture in the profile :tup:
  8. "Vaya con Dios (May God Be with You)" Les Paul and Mary Ford http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEuGQ2a15OU
  9. Bon Jovi: Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey http://theland.farmonline.com.au/news/metro/national/general/heaven-looks-a-lot-like-new-jersey-bon-jovi-quashes-internet-death-hoax/2399424.aspx New Jersey? Noooo!
  10. Study confirms many of us go online for no reason http://www.wral.com/business/story/10454777/
  11. Harsh. Would this be better for ya, Joe? Oops, maybe you're right--one of the Pit gal's badges says "Route 69."
  12. Whoa! She's a brunette and lanky: http://www.pcpitstop.com/default.asp (I didn't know lanky had such negative connotations; how about lithe?)
  13. What's the characteristic? Lameness? Just an observation on my looking into it: Real Player was in it's heyday in the early internet years, and it has been pretty much kicked to the curb by Windows Media Player, iTunes, and a myriad of other players. Adobe Flash is kind of a web standard/cross platform platform for internet content such as web pages, video, games, etc. Most people like/use Flash; Real Player, not so much.
  14. Best to you, OneCool. Have a good one Happy birthday to ikebut too, though we don't see much of him anymore.
  15. Hey, if you're a fan and have an Amazon account you can get his new CD "Ghosts On The Canvas" plus Bonus Tracks for $3.99 (just released today but I couldn't find it in any music stores). I saw him play in my town at the Hostfest--he didn't know what town he was in, but he sure can pick it. He was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer so this will probably be his last album. I'm not saying there are any instant classics like Wichita Lineman, but it's pretty good. Think I read his kids make up most of the band now. P.S. I am using their cloud service too and highly recommend it. Music you buy can automatically be sent there and your can also upload your favs from your collection. Benefit: you can play it on any computer. :tup:
  16. Thanks, Pit Friends! Even though I ended up babysitting my 3-year-old granddaughter (she's sitting on my knee as I type this), I couldn't be happier.
  17. I can't comprehend the significance of this--all the stars in one photo, over 37,000 photos and 5,000 megapixels: http://skysurvey.org/ I'm stunned (where can I view it all at once--what screen?) P.S. assembled with GIMP
  18. Best to you on your Birthday, Terry! Have several: :b33r:
  19. Say Hey Kid, Amazing: http://espn.go.com/blog/sweetspot/post/_/id/10260/ten-reasons-willie-mays-is-greatest-ever; Happy Birthday To the Greatest Ambassador of the game!
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