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  1. Where is the Pit test now? I thought it was gone....
  2. Nice! Thank you. In ND now; heading to AZ in Oct. Wow, I sure miss a lot of people here. Gawd, we used to have so much fun. Don't forget to vote, O.K.? Hey, keep folding too. Guns, where are ya--you are a monster?
  3. Which is the best, dickster if a guy was going to buy a used one? Which is the newest?
  4. I miss a lot of people here.
  5. Any Disease is the correct choice. https://foldingforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=32463&fbclid=IwAR1v8Z_2VbB__5izLF989xPRRg9WIYzbd9d5gkfAaP3jCPdkcJbeyUpIt-U So great to see new folders. Thanks, everyone!
  6. Hello, Bruce! Thanks for the updates. Great to have you back!
  7. Y, I think you should test that theory by doing something really dangerous, such as driving off a cliff, for instance, like Bill Murry's character in Groundhog's Day
  8. So sad. RIP! He had such a huge presence here.
  9. Wow. So sorry to hear. He was an amazing person around here.
  10. Blind Faith Blind Faith, one of my all-time favorite albums
  11. Thanks, Indy. Shoot. Mine is a long ways from there: Version 1511, Build 10586/545 Seems to be working much better--had to make a Win 10 disk and fix the startup. Wonky AMD drivers, I believe.
  12. So, I not the only one having problems Away from my main machine three weeks and it doesn't work--Bonkers: blue screens, reboots over and over, blah, blah. Does Windows show that the Anniversary update was installed? Where? Mine just says Windows 10 Pro under computer Properties.
  13. Like the points are worth something. Whoopdedooda!
  14. Soooo, tech tips for real $$$$ is dead--has been since 2011 Anyway, not just for techies, if you can burn an iso file, you can do this: http://www.zdnet.com/article/how-to-turn-your-windows-10-upgrade-into-an-iso
  15. Whenever I work on someone's computer, I put a folder called Computer Maintenance on the Desktop. In that folder I put aliases for all the programs I used to work on that particular computer. It almost always contains Malwarebytes, Auslogic defrag (all drives but Solid State), Windows Disk Cleanup, Chrome and/or Firefox, whatever free anti-virus they want (usually MSE or Avast), and sometimes Super Anti. I cannot recommend a paid anti-virus, but will leave what they have (usually it is expired). I also usually leave a notepad doc of what I have done and when. I tell customers they may del
  16. Tips and Tricks has been going on for a long time, so excuse if this is a repeat. Got a pesky relative or friend that needs computer help all the time? Simplest way I have found is to take control of their computer remotely with TeamViewer. Requirements: both have to have program running and you type in the number/code for the other person's computer. It's that easy! I get my TeamViewer at www.ninite.com, a Tips and Tricks Winner a while ago, and which has pretty much every program a person would need--all without any crapware and you can do multiple installs! Oh, Yeah: they are all free,
  17. Your link doesn't work. www.linux-bible.com does though
  18. (Friday funnies) Ho hum. Bored with cat pics? Try squirrels http://news.yahoo.com/photos/curious-squirrels-make-for-hilarious-photos-1399571293-slideshow/
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