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  1. I had a mare ages ago and couldn't get onto this forum for days. It's been a long time and I thought I'd try again...and here you are. this is such a lifesaver of a forum, I was genuinely disappointed when I couldn't get logged on. Was this a long-term glitch? How long was the forum unlog-into-able for?
  2. We've got both on the go at work at the moment and it's interesting to see people opting for the PCs with Xp on. It's ok, does take some getting used to but is pretty buggy and has been causing many issues. Perhaps get Xp and when all is clear (next year?) go for a change...
  3. I seem to remember hearing a lot of issues regarding IE7. I had some myself, although a while ago now. I switched to Mozilla Firefox and haven't looked back since. May be worth a switch yourself.
  4. OK. I got into BIOS, managed to change the setting to boot from floppy, but when it comes to using my 'master cd', my cd-rom is screwed and I don't know how to get it to recognise the external rom drive that I'm trying to connect via the USB. Is that possible, or is this check mate?
  5. Caintry boy - yes, it is.
  6. It's old. I just want to keep it alive until Christmas (daughter using it - new one will be bought then). It's the following: Packard Bell iConnect 866BW Pentium III Came with Windows ME (OEM) but I had upgraded to XP a while back. I went to Boot disk and got the ME OEM boot, figuring I should be using the original. Should I be using an XP one? Trouble with that is that it seems hard to get - usually bootable via CD and ROM drive drawer broke recently. I know what you're all thinking: chuck it and get a new one now. Can't afford for a couple of months, plus promised Christmas
  7. Yeah. A gentle reminder of how to get in there and do that?
  8. That's not working - realised that I need to boot from a floppy instead (told you it's an old pc). Went to Bootdisk to get a bootable floppy sorted out but seem to remember from doing something like this before that I need to change something first in order to get it to actually boot from that. Do I need to go into BIOS (hitting F8 when I turn it on)? If so, what do I need to change there? Any guidance appreciated - had to do this months back, forgot the procedure and am now in a bit of a hurry to sort it out. Thanks.
  9. Thanks - will try tomorrow.
  10. Do you think I'll be able to do this with an external rom drive?
  11. Got a fairly old pc - to be replaced soon - but this morning has decided not to even boot up. Getting a message about software problem. Tried booting in safe mode, but then got: "Windows could not start because of an error in the software. Please report this problem as: load needed DLLs for kernel." I'd be happy to be able to get in somehow to do a system restore or something. Any suggestions? PS - cd-rom drive won't close properly either, so can't use disk. Could use recovery floppy, though.
  12. This looks like something downloadable - do I save it from one PC and take it to the 'problem' one?
  13. Got a PC about 5 years old. [Yes, planning on new one, but want this one for daughter to use] At the weekend it was trapped in a rebotting loop, never properly booting up or stopping the process until turned off using the button. Could see no saving, so decided to just restore to factory settings. However, came with (OEM) ME and about 6 months ago I'd installed XP instead. The final step in the restoring process asked for the ME disk. Couldn't use the XP one. Managed to get into Safe Mode, only to find out I can't install there. Have used the recovery disk to try to get in and
  14. I've recently been getting the following security warning when in Windows Media Player: [/b]toc.music.metaservices.microsoft.com Just re-installed it, and it hasn't changed anything. It makes no difference to say YES or NO to 'allow this in trusted sites'. Microsoft AntiSpyware keeps finding SecondThought trojan too. I presume there's no connection here. The player still works, I usually just have to leave the security window there as it refuses to close. Does anyone else keep getting this or anyone know what it is?
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