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  1. How do i format and then install vista?
  2. I am tyring to install vista to replace my xp, i do not want both
  3. Sorry but i am a noob to this Could you give me a quick step by step on exactly what to do just briefly?
  4. To do a clean install would that mean deleting the partition now and making a new one? So i would lose xp?
  5. Just tried it and i get an error, so i am screwed.
  6. http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=513048 That is the error i get!
  7. A partition of around 130gb i think
  8. Hi guys...So, at the moment i have Windows Xp. I put the Vista disk in and click upgrade etc, and it starts intslalling. Now everytime it gets to 23% of the installation it fails and says something like can't copy files from windows, please check all the files are there and check again. Any ideas what is wrong because it is really annoying me now! Thanks in advance
  9. It reaches 100 degrees and is a gigayte 9600 which has multicore cooling, theres no fan...So, what should i do?
  10. an intel duel core 2.ghz...my fps on cod is no 55-80 all the time on max graphics...so the low fps problem seems to have just gone :S but my card is now at 90 degrees c, which is way to high...Should i get this? http://www.microdirect.co.uk/productInfo.a...ew=0#ShowReview
  11. I cant, riva tuner does not recognise a 9600....I tried adding G94 = 0622h in the cfg file but it wouldnt save.. Man this is annoying
  12. I must add ther card is currently at 100 degrees C...this is high isnt it?
  13. Hi all. I have just bought a 9600 GT gigabyte edition for my pc, and in COD4 on max graphics (1280x1024) i get around 30-40 fps...Is this seriously normal? When i first played the game, i seemed to get 60-80 fps and suddenly it dropped and now it's dropped for good. My PSU is a thermaltake 500w...Oh and also, my comp has turned of a few times, i take is this has something to do with overheating? WHATS WRONG?!?!?! Thanks
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