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    hp pavilion vf17, XP pro sp2, intel pent. R 3.06ghz c:67.1GB 50%used HD d:7.31GB 70% used f:74.5GB 20%used 504 mb ram
  1. Same result after second reboot. "A person or program is using this file. Close any programs that may be using the file and try again." I can't imagine what programs widows thinks is using the file. Still cannot delete.
  2. I just bought Optimize. It would not download from the order page even with Norton Internet Security disabled. But I did get an empty file, 56248~~OPTIMIZE-SETUP-V14 each time I tried to save it. I ultimately got a good download from the customer service page and ran the app. And restarted the computer. When I try to delete the empty file 56248~~OPTIMIZE-SETUP-V14, I get the msg that the program is in use by another and cannot be deleted. Any suggestions? Thanks
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