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  1. i have a dipstick sitting across the room from me.
  2. Good for you Brandon! Be strong and don't give up during training, go kick some a$$!! Thank you for defending our country. Minnie
  3. I can't see the bathroom, i can't get the picture to load.
  4. Gaffe is everywhere and i don't even know what it means
  5. So do we know what it is? I mean for real, what is a Gaffe? I honestly thought it was Giraffe before anyone said anything.
  6. ............... ........................
  7. I am not sure it might be in your settings in the control panel to save your sent messages. I got your pm.
  8. Very cute! Thanks for sharing.
  9. You also should clean it out more regulary from now on. I use a dry cloth and a vacumn hose to suck the dust out of hard to reach places and use a can of air to if i need it. One time I did not clean my pc out for like a year and the dust built up, well my power supply blew and actually started a fire in there because of all the dust. So take care of the inside of your pc too!
  10. Faith Michele, the first thing I thought of when I read your post was that he is controlling. By what you posted it sounds like he assumes he needs control of the household. Your little flaw, you let him. I have been there and through something similar. Not with a Southern Man either. Until you stand up to him and have that heart to heart and follow through and mean it, I don't think anything will get better. I think it's natural in a relationship married or not we (us women) tend to want to mother and take care of the household and the family and then in time it is expected of us. I don't think that there is anything wrong with that but it does get tiresome and when you need support everyone should be supportive to you and pitch in and help with the chores, even your husband. Part of his job is to take care of you whole heartedly as well. I work full time, raise 6 children, and have 2 big dogs. I do the majority of housework and cooking as well but the difference is when I’m tired and want to throw hot dogs on the table or have my husband clean the toilets or do the dishes because I need a break then he does it. My suggestion and opinion is you sit him down and like the rest of the folks here said, have a heart to heart, not yelling, tell him how you REALLY feel. It's not all his fault, tell him you don't mind taking care of your family and are proud to be a mom and a good wife but you expect the same in return and won't take anything less. Tell him you EXPECT his support. If he truly loves you he will see your not just being a witch that you just need his help. I don't think you need to change him, I just think you need to guide his ways a little. We all need guidance from time to time. I wish you the best of luck and keep your chin up and stay strong!! I apologize if anything offended you, I certainly did not mean to. I'm just stating my opinion from my past experience. I want to thank you Michele because your post reminded me of what a lucky woman I am to have such a wonderful supportive husband. Yes, I’m talking about BB. Ya'll just don't know him, he is comical and sarcastic but he is a wonderful man. I think maybe some of you need to lighten up a little. I even chuckled at his sarcastic comment because it is not right to accuse just a group of Southern Men with issues. It is just some men in general. lol
  11. Was just gonna say, nice pics and you guys look like you should be like on miami vice or something, just missing your thongs and jackets!
  12. You need a time machine? I have been cleaning since i rolled your buns out of bed this morning as you drove to work and then plunked in front of the computer your sitting at now and then you will drive home in MY nice car, plunk again in your chair in front of your pc and tv with a drink in hand and then come to bed and have sex if you please. Oh and don't let me forget to mention how your clothes were laid out on the bed for you this morning after you took a anice hot shower in a garden tub in a HUGE bathroom which i spent cleaning for 45 minutes this morning. Not to mention I work 40hrs + a week and raise 6 kids. In the good ole days women did not work, they stayed home to take care of the kids and husband. I could quit my job? You have a maid, servant, and a wife. If you are looking for the time machine, it's not at 914 Whitley so make sure you ZIG where you ZAG this evening sweetie pie!! Have a nice day at work dear.
  13. Oh yeah well if it is not relevant to choclate, i would of not come up with 2 and my number would have been wrong.
  14. Thanks, i will! He knows i'm playing with him. He's my BB! I like giving him a hard time and besides he knows it's my car!
  15. I picked 2 and my age is 31. The number after doing this was 231. That is freaky.
  16. You judging him to have a problem, it might be that you have the problem and not him. If you feel uncomfortable around someone who drinks until they are drunk then I agree with Bruce, find new friends. If your friend has a seriuos problem then you need to talk to him and explain that you care about him and make sure he realized the damage it can do to him and all his loved ones.
  17. your so cute when you think the Pontiac Grand Am is YOUR car.... MY car has get up and go...
  18. wow those are amazing photos. Looks like the sky was falling..
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