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  1. The lastest test-results are here - but again the test failed the Upload-test: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=TAX7FWXHWDWSDK1J Denpete
  2. Hi Hawk! Just for the 'fun' of it I tried to use the full test on Mozilla Firefox aswel - without using the debug-feature for Upload test. Same fault occured: the browser freezes and says: Progamme doesn't answer. As for your suggestion 1): The Temp, Internetfiles are already set to 50 MB As for 2): To set these avlues I have to use DSL-connection. Now set to 3000 (D) and 512 (U). I use to set the connection-speed to T1-connection, as I have a connection that says 100.0Mbps, but maybe that is wrong to use this T1-setting? I try to use these new settings and test full - and if fails - with the debugging-feature I'll send the results after the test (did delete the previous test-results) Regards, Denpete
  3. Hi Hawk As for no. 1): I did that and the settings is set to 50 Mb As for no 2): How and where do I set the Upload settings d/I to 3000 and Download to about 500?? Regards Denpete
  4. Hi again! After trying out your suggested site, I only found a few - actually 2 items to stop from running on startup(but maybe you will assure me that there are more :-)) My latest scan (debugged without UpLoad-test) looks like this: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=KZYEFWXHWDWSGBDJ Regards, Denpete
  5. Hello Hawk, First let me wish you a Happy New Year and thanks for a good site and all your effords to help out us 'helpless' users. Secondly: Regarding your last reply, then I really got a task there. I've treid my very best to use all the informations and tools in your reply, but am sure that I missed something. I think I might have problems with altering the start-up procedure for all/some of the programmes you mentioned that was/is running. I tried with SpyBot S&D, but am not sure if I did it correctly. Maybe another feature somewhere would be helpfull to me in my attempts to diasble all these programs from running on startup (as I guess is what you mean). Conserning the deleting .tmp-files and more I am a bit afraid what will happen if I do as suggested in SB S&D by deleting all the index-files in Temp.Int.Files-directories. But here is my last fix-results - and moreover: the UpLoad-test failed again. So I used the debug-feature once more. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=KZYEFWXHWDWSUSDJ Kind regards, - and thanks for you effords to help me out Denpete
  6. and Hi again, Hawk! Am sorry to post another testresult - could have put it into my last reply. But now I tried to test again a full test, but the same problem with the upload-test occured. Retested with debub-feature: not testing Upload. Here's the result: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=KZYEFWXHWDWSRLDJ Kinldy, Denpete
  7. Hi Hawk! Tried the debug-feature on this my 2nd attempt. Did make the Internet-speed chek without trouble this time and without the UploadSpeed-test. I have made the changes suggested on the test-result-page. But still a minor problem (?): 1) IE-browser-cashe-size i redused to 80, but it still says that I have a 1024-Mb-size and suggested to fix to between 10-100. ????? Here's the link: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=KZYEFWXHWDWSRLDJ Kind regards, Denpete
  8. Hi Hawk, I just did as suggested, but I'm sad to say that the result is the same: The test stops at the UpLoad-test - ('programme dosen't answer - in´the blue line on top of IE-screen) Regards, Denpete
  9. When running Full Test the programme continoulsy stops (Programme not answering) when I reach the Upload Bandwith-test. Have tried several times - have stopped as many runiing programmes as I dare (?) - have run Trend Spyware tests, but nothing seems to help. Any solutions? Thanks in advance, Regards Denpete
  10. Hi again, No - it was NOT tha license-key I just recieved, but summary report of my request with an ID-no and a 'Viewing-key' (???). Hope to here from you soon. Kindly, Denpete
  11. Hi Keith, None of the above mentioned things happend. The only an invoice from PayPal and 'Getting started with PayPal'. Just requested my license-key, and it just - as I'm writing - was emailed to me..... Thanks, Denpete
  12. Hi, Just registred for a license-key via PayPal/Visa. How long untill I recieve the key? Kind regards, Denpete
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