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  1. Guess im going to go buy a new hard drive and install that and make sure she keeps her info updated or unlocks her room for me to do it thank you so much for all the responses from everyone
  2. tried that site you gave wont work she has win xp and her virus was not updated so I got norton but it wont run now dumb kids
  3. Nope wont let me acts like its going to d/l the file then nothing opens
  4. only get here the scan never finished it was trying to download but the bottom said 5 items remaining never changed I thought it was working till I seen that
  5. I just dont know what to do I cant run any programs can't download anything controll panel wont open anything. only thing I have that works on my daughters pc is the internet and aol will open but she dont use aol we have cable. internet programs are not running the removal tools I have to take care of my sick mother n law and try to fix this teenagers pc im just tired been working on it for 2 days
  6. I cannot open any windows programs at all how can I wipe out the hard drive and try to install windows again the cd wont boot up im about ready to just cry
  7. how long does the trend micro program scan your pc this has been scanning since your last post im thinking its not working I cant get the downloads such as the spyware or highjack things to work looks like they are saving to desktop then I go to open them its like no file accoaited with any programs pretty much like all are shortcuts. only thing that opens on this pc is the internet and I see an aol account and recycle bin everything else is not working
  8. looks as if it is running a scan here will this show where the trojans are ? because I cant run norton from my pc it showed some yesterday in c windows system 32 and If I remember right some also in documents and settings she had like 12 with something that said trojan and some spyware and one point it said something about highjack
  9. I tried that and it would not run any programs or download nothing
  10. my daughters pc was running slow she ran a virus scan showed she had alot of trojan backdoor things I bought norton for her and tried to install it but the last min it had an error and couldnt install. now the only things that open on her pc are the internet all the files on her desktop wont open most exe files wont even open the controll panel or nothing control panel when clicked on tries to make a shortcut to desktop only. any suggestions on what I should do wont even run and online scan for nothing. I would try to reformat but she has no disk with her dell please help I have a dell will my cd's work or how can you reformat if nothing in windows opens
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