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  1. Holy Crap! That's Great! I was thinking of doing the restore, like you said. I still don't get what happened. My speeds would vary from 28 to 52 before. It's sooooo weird. I'm gonna give it a shot. So you say you used the link for Broadband internet speeds? This is quoted from my last tests The faster your connection and the higher your connection's latency, the bigger the receive buffer needs to be. Dial-up modem users do not generally benefit from adjusting this buffer size because their connection is so slow. Your receive buffer size is currently at the system default.
  2. JIM2005, I did have the phone company check the lines and they did replace the box on the pole. There's no noticeable noise on the line. Did you're connection ALWAYS maintain this same speed? EVERYTIME you logged onto the internet? Did you ever find out why it happened? I'm a little apprehensive about downloading the autofix. It specifically states NOT to use it for dialup. Unless you used the other link at the bottom of the page, that takes you to another site? I gotta look at it again.
  3. I HATE GATEWAY, I HATE GATEWAY, I HATE GATEWAY. I just got off the phone with a tech, First thing they say is it's probably a virus. No troubleshooting Lazy :filtered:. I was on this site when it happened. He told me a pop up could shut it down. oooooookkkkkkk. I suppose. All I know is I gotta figure out what's going on. I don't know if the fan, suddenly slow connection speeds, and computer shutting down on it's own, are symptoms of what's yet to come. I'm going to start a new thread called: Help reading error messages in event viewer. After rebooting I checked it out (event viewer) found many re-occuring errors. I'm hoping someone could help me to understand. Also I will be searching microsofts knowledge base for assistance. I'm seriously thinking of taking a course on this stuff.
  4. Holy :filtered: check this out, I was making a comparison of my past PCpistop tests, and specifically the internet tests/ ping tests and I noticed that the ping loss was 0 on my recent test (which according to the explaination of ping loss here says ) "ping loss is normally an indication of internet congestion" When I compare that to a previous test when connection speeds were normal ping loss was 80?!!! Now during the time I was copying and pasting this info on (notepad) my computer just shut off... and rebooted making strange noises, and no display. I could hear the computer running , but no display. Then I pushed the power button to restart thinking it would automatically run a scandisk but it didn't. it gave the black screen with boot choices. ? and saying if this happened blahblah., start windows normally, go to last known good configuration.? didn't finish reading, and it started on it's own. THIS FREAKED ME OUT,,, I'M STILL SHAKING. No other electrical devices shut off, it's not a power failure. Now I've read someone else posted a problem where their computer would shut off too. Someone asked are your fans working properly? Now When I first got this system in November 2003, one of the fans made a weird noise. like there was an obstruction, I looked in the case, didn't see any wires or anything in the way. It went away eventually,sort of. Called Gateway they said no biggie. I HATE THEM. ... but I gotta call them.
  5. Hey thanks for your input guys. No I haven't got those other programs downloaded yet. I'll do that, it will take a while though. Just noticed the additional post kylie, um, those devices are not used, they are disabled. I have no network at this time and 1394 is also, since it's not being used, however I'll have to check on that one (1394) cause I have 2 ports, one on my sound card and one on the front of my system shouldn't be disabled maybe? The one that's disabled is ? the net adapter I'm assuming is on the front ? These items were disabled to reserve resources. Maybe I did bad?
  6. Boy I've been gone a while, I thought I'd let you all know what I have done so far. First I wrestled with the repair dept of the phone company just to get them down here. They ran tests, checked the pole and did find old, loose, corroded, connections. Guess what,?? it made no change. This really sucks. I don't even want to use the internet anymore , it's a chore to get anything accomplished. To answer you questions, I have a local ISP whom I've been with for years. Never had problems before. I haven't tried a different number yet cause when I talked to them about this problem they asked me what number are you using, I told them, and they said nothing other than "ok that's the right one." They did have an outage for the longest time I could ever remember, but this occurred long after my problem began. And no the feeder line is above ground. Still no one has answered my question about bringing my computer to the isp. Would it prove whether or not , they have bandwidth issues if it's being tested right at the servers? And I live five miles away.??? WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS QUESTION???? I'll keep you abreast when I know more.
  7. At any point, if issue is still existing at friends house couldn't it still be the ISP? And if I take up the ISP's offer to test it there would it be realistic since it's right there at their servers? and not 5 miles away? I sort of tried disconnecting the phones, but just in the room the puter is in. I better do all of them now before disconnecting the whole computer and moving it. THANKS, I've got lot's to do. If I get this problem resolved I'll post what happened so you guys will know. LATER
  8. Thanks for your reply mohawkwarrior. Could there be noise on the line that I can't hear? There's no static or anything. Also I've unplugged all other phones to see if it changed, but it didn't. I wonder if it could be even an electrical interference? I think I'll have the phone company come out to check lines. Also I've bugged my isp enough for them to offer to test my computer if I bring it in.
  9. Sorry guys I meant to post a test but I forgot. my test I use ad aware 6 frequently, it finds stuff pretty regularly but it's removed and speeds never change. What's weird is that I haven't made any changes to anything regarding my modem or connection speed max or anything!! Speeds are consistantly the same 26.4 And as for interference, there is no static or anything.I don't know what else to check.
  10. :help: I don't get this. I have dialup, and I expect to get slower speeds. I normally get 36, 38, 44, or 52kbps at most. Slower speeds are expected during daytime hours when internet traffic is higher, and higher speeds during the very late or very early hours. And each time I would connect, the speeds would vary. Last couple of weeks I'm getting 26.4 ALL THE TIME never higher never lower. I called my ISP They said "no problems here" Got plenty of bandwith" "call you phone company " phone company says "We're not your ISP, and there's nothing wrong with the lines" Called ISP AGAIN & they say Maybe there's a digital concentrator on your line. What the heck is that? So I google it and I end up with sites with content regarding DSL wich according to my phone company is not available in my area STILL. Any one have any idea why this is happening and maybe how to fix it . I have no idea what's going on, I thought maybe someone out there may have experienced something similar.
  11. I know this sounds like a stupid question, please I don't mean to offend, but do they have an account established with an ISP? How computer literate are they? What Operating system are they using, XP? is it a PCI modem?
  12. Yea I'm sure this question has been asked before, but after doing a search on microsoft, (generally vague), as well as here on forums I'm not getting any decent conclusions. So I seek your opinions again, if you would be so kind, what is, or is there an advantage to having xp pro vs. xp home? Thanks in advance
  13. I realize I'm late to this thread and congrats about getting it worked out. As I'm not familiar with spy blaster? I recently had a similar problem with a browser plugin that installed itself on my machine. After looking through my add/remove programs and not finding anything related to this browser plugin, I went to TOOLS on my Iexplorer browser page (Top) tool bar next to Help go to (internet options) and then go to the (advance) tab, and under browsing take the check (out) of "enable third party browser extensions" this worked fine for me in my case.
  14. I kinda feel the same way, I know the devil I got. however I did install xp Fresh, after writing zeros, at one time and ended up with more problems, like really slow performance on startup. and that whole thing with reporting errors to microsoft, left me uneasy to say the least. I don't know what the hell it is. gateway said it's me , "I'm expecting to much from my system first of all and it's not possible to multitask"
  15. boy does this sound familiar! Although this doesn't offer any help, I've been experiencing the very same problem for a looong time now, and still haven't found a fix I've almost become use to it. I SAID ALMOST I went about attempting to fix it the same way you did. bought more ram, and it didn't help. formatted, several times in fact, that didn't help I could go on and on. no viruses, no updates nothing has worked I've been told that there may not be a large enough power source, not by the manufacturer of course, but on the video card (nvidia web site) which also pointed to my chipset (via) which mentioned an (infinate loop error) between the video card and the cpu. I don't know how often you have the freeze up problem, but for me it seems to have no real pattern. It locks up on line & offline. maybe between both of us we can figure it out. tech support is of little use to me lately. gateway 1200mhz amd athlon windows me currently 512mb ram originally 256 nvidia 4600ti
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