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  1. regarding ping loss it could be that I left my firewall on during tests. I'm not sure. I just did a defrag a few days ago. checked again anyway anylized it and it says 0% fragmented. and yes all critical updates are downloaded and installed. I pretty regularly clean up with windows clean utility. and sometimes temp files;cookies etc if this is a more extensive cleaner I'll try it out. I don't know where the (junk files) are but I agree I should probably try the adware app. Thanks and I'll get back later!
  2. my test results At first I thought my system was slow at start up. But I came to realize that it booted up fine to the desktop but whatever set of instructions the system goes through (I think,) slows down my accessibility to (my computer aka windows explorer) It takes about 3 minutes to bring it up. Now just so you know, I have used an app called registry first aid to rid the registry of obsolete start menu items, invalid application paths, invalid fonts, invalid shared dlls etc. thinking it would help the problem. It hasn't. I realize I have a 250 gb hard drive. I don't know if that has
  3. That's a good one kd5, ( website) I forgot about that one, I was going to suggest black viper but I think your suggestion might be better? Npling, Be careful if you don't know what the processes are. In addition to Kd5's link, for extra reference, try this website as well blackviper go to services xp and study your version of xp assuming it is xp? First try SAFE settings nothing advanced yet, work your way to it. Don't forget, SVCHOST has MANY MANY different listings make sure you check to see if it matches yours first before you disable ANYTHING!! I have the same problem right now and ha
  4. I want to post it here! so you guys could see my processes running.
  5. I tried that before asking for help, paste doesn't work? nor does ctrlv
  6. wow that's very interesting, thanks. however could this slip under norton antivirus radar? this is in referance to a link provided by (indy)
  7. sorry I meant screen shot I've heard it used both ways.
  8. O.k first I just defragged a couple days ago, after I cleaned up internet files temp etc. the standard method,and yesterday I went to windows update. Believe me ALL critical patches and applicable updates were downloaded and installed as well as my virus definitions etc. as always. and my Internet Explorer version is 6.0.2800 sp2 . This thing with the 2 explorer.exe is weird and I just noticed it recently. It used ALOT of system resources!! Maybe something I installed? M.S. Office? still I need to knoe how to post a screen shot of task manager to show you guys. Tests don't show h
  9. how does one copy and paste a snapshot to post here?
  10. yeah I saw the bandwith thing, I don't see what I could do about that, in fact I'm not really concerned with that at the moment, It's the services running, I'm sure what the test shows is not the half of it. BUT @ EXPLORER.EXE files ?????what's up with that????
  11. test results I actually haven't seen them yet, format has changed. back in a moment
  12. I have 30 some services running even after disabling many according to blkviper, in the safe setting that is. for whatever reason, I have 2 explorer.exe running at the same time, no it's not IExplorer, if that's what you're thinkin. My system is incredibly slow on startup. takes up to 2 minutes or more to access MY Computer. i will run another test and post results in a minute
  13. Yea I'm sure this question has been asked before, but after doing a search on microsoft, (generally vague), as well as here on forums I'm not getting any decent conclusions. So I seek your opinions again, if you would be so kind, what is, or is there an advantage to having xp pro vs. xp home? Thanks in advance
  14. I would suggest that too, I agree with Dave , but also not just devices giving off an electrical field nearby, but also just something on the same electrical circuit, also sometimes florescent lights.
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