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  1. High Vcore Voltage also reduce performance or damages the CPU. I'm sure you already know anyway since you have 15 years of experience. I agree especially on Quads but not always because there is some Air Cooling out there that does a great job cooling Quads like the Thermalright. My E6300 is massively overclocked to 3.3GHz with the Temperature of 46C Idle using Artic Freezer Pro 7 and Real Temp Program (Outside Temp. 80,and Room Temp 75). It runs stable at 1.35V. Oh and wait, Quad-Core runs Hell. I don't think I should talk about my Dual-Core Processor then. Correct.
  2. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=VP4FTWL1NEGSPYWG This is for 64-Bit Vista Ultimate and loving it.
  3. I just installed my Vista 64-Bit and it seems to run faster on games too. My RAID0 Raptors used to be unresponsive (Every Minute) on the 1st Day of Vista Ultimate Release but now on 64-Bit, it is working like a charm. And yes, PC Pitstop Benchmark does seem to give higher score on 64-Bit. Even though PC Pitstop is not for Performance-Seeking, it still does show that 64-Bit is better at Games even in 2D Processing Benchmark (Except GPU).
  4. 5000 points is nothing in nowadays since there are Quad Cores and way better SLI.
  5. Take a look at mine, same processor as yours: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=TMX4HWB6V6WSKN0W
  6. Your still fine, what is your Vcore at? I got mine at 3.3GHz with 1.39 Vcore and temperature at 46 using Core Temp Beta.
  7. I couldn't get past 500 too, tried it yesturday with a voltage of 1.44 or 1.48 but I am still happy with 3.2GHz with a timing of 4-4-4-4 at 914MHz at vcore of 1.288. You can still get same performance with both of them on games.
  8. Looks good, since its lower Memory Speed, it looks like you can get down to 3 timings.
  9. Overclocking is simple! this computer right here was my first overclocking I've ever done and it was easy and fun.
  10. Kenny, since you got a 667MHz Memory with good overclocking, where is it at now with timings?
  11. You know you could save up for future graphics card with sli in it for DX 10 Games (year or so). 7800GT are still good for games like BF2142 or CnC3.
  12. Got a new Vista Test: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=QM3ZHW169MWSQ1DW
  13. Mine seem to be the same because I use alot of tweaks for it.
  14. If I were you, I would be getting 1066MHz if you are going to use the computer long time. My Kingston-Hyper X that is ready for my motherboard will be here tomorrow after my 800MHz Ram because 1066MHz is better for games and the price has dropped $150 in a week for model so thats why I bought. Right now, my FSB is at 1825 with P5B Deluxe board so yea its very high so I wanted to lower it and my current ram wouldn't let me do it so I have to go default to do that which I am never going back for it. It really sucks that way. It is not the board fault, just memory fault.
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