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  1. great lists and explinations thanks to all involved
  2. thanks ill make sure my settings reflect those in the pic but does it matter that im useing the free versions of each? also my web shield is set to ask in all sections and i never messed with it is it supposed to ask for all programs in the begining? thanks again
  3. thanks ive never set up a firewall before is it ok if all the AV and anti-spyware/adware programs are allowed in all sections? what sort of things should be blocked? and should IE ask in the server sections? thanks again
  4. just went through a HDD the DELL tech said it went because of heat not sure of many details though because its not mine
  5. so since its blocking that generic host process how would i unblock it? or did you mean its supposed to block it
  6. i keep getting generic host process for win32 services what is this? and should i allow it? and is it bad that there arent many settings? also when i first installed ZA is said something about Avast possibly conflicting and asked to turn something off to make sure they didnt should i not have changed this setting? also last night when i tried to go to a different site in my favorites they all said server couldnt be found and wouldnt come up even after refreshing but when i turned ZA off those sites worked fine and fast any idea why this could be? thanks
  7. will my free version of Avast interfere with the free version of Zone Alarm personal firewall? and what are the best settings for this firewall?
  8. no worries dell hooked my friend up with a new hard drive the tech said it went bad from heat so i have to replace everything it only took him like 10min. to get everything up and running
  9. thanks ive made sure of the first two posibilities when i tried to boot from that cd i get to the step where u press R to repair i get a message that says my hard disk drive couldnt be found? it says check to make sure its properly connected press F3 to reboot what should i be looking for? ive opened the case and checked for unconnected wires i only made sure that the wires connected to the drive were secure on both ends but im not sure ive done whats needed to eliminate this posibility also when i try to boot from that CD i have to boot it from the boot menu is tha
  10. ok ive seen that computer hope thing but didnt know what to do first after the purity scan uninstaller i rebooted for sure i also shut down every night and turn it on when i wake up i did a restart after uninstalling winpatrol reinstalled it i removed some of those optional programs from my test results removed that emusic or whatever it was and i also removed Ccleaner because it was in the same place as winpatrol but i never reinstalled it after that i think i restarted it and ran another test here i deleted some files that were loose in c drive mostly text documents that
  11. i did most of what you advised but when i woke up and turned the pc on i got a problem mid boot it says NTLDR is missing press ctrl alt delete to restart but it just repeats with the same response it wont let me go into safe mode(F8) it only responds to F2 or F12 could this be related to any of the changes ive made? do you know what i may have done wrong and how not to do the same in the future? and most importantly how might i fix this? thanks
  12. ok i should remove it completly then reinstall it where it usually puts itself? and ill try that housecall in a sec thanks for the IM advice heres a test from just now http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=RR4X0WU36WCSGMPR thanks again EDIT: just tried the trendmicros housecall and it worked but it said it would take 1 1/4 hours just to finish those files so i stoped it
  13. yeah, odd isnt it? i dont understand it either but im still kinda new to computers wish i could help out
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