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  1. Never mind, I ran MS's quickfix from their site and IT WORKED!!! http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310049 and scroll down to "resolution".
  2. For some reason, I cna no longer click links directly from Outlook 2010 to open web pages. I get this: Any idea how to change back? THANKS!!!!
  3. Yeah, wkavery, this had more updates than MS. Thanks, though. Thanks, Ronnie! You were right, though, this is what it says: We have discontinued our CatchUp service until further notice. To find the latest updates for your favorite software, please subscribe to the Download Dispatch, a weekly newsletter that delivers updates and software picks to your e-mail inbox.
  4. Yeah! Now we're getting warm!
  5. No, I know THAT--LOL! But thanks! This automatically checks your drivers and let's you know which ones have been updated.
  6. I used a program before that checks to see if there are new drivers available for the ones that are on your comp. and where to get them--it was free. Anyone know what I'm talking about or something like it? Thanks,
  7. THANKS! I'll do that. Will return later to give results.
  8. How, and which ones? Thanks.
  9. Thanks! http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...ZXHKWQD3WNSJJV4
  10. Ran test--no virus. PSU=Raidmax Black 400W Tri-LED.
  11. PS = power supply. How do you scan for a boot virus? Also, how do I post my test results? Thanks!
  12. My computer seems to freeze up when I first start it. I have to rebbot it a few times before it will work properly. Sometimes I get the message "System halted: Boot failure." But if I reboot, it'll work sometimes and then freeze up, or sometimes I'll get that message again! It's almost as if it needs to "warm-up" before it works properly. I have an Intel D850EMV2 mobo, an Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz proc. which are about 6 months old, 2 sticks of 256MB Rambus RAM--older still, and an NVida GeForce3 64MB with assorted drives, a NIC, and a Hauppage WinTV card. I just reformatted and reinstalled, I've
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