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  1. Thanks, IntelGuy. As I replied to Kieth, the new version worked perfectly. I just wanted to thank you also. dondipascal
  2. Thanks, Keith. The new version did the trick. And I didn't even have to reboot. PS: Great site. dondipascal
  3. I purchased version 139 of PC Pitstop Optimize in Dec 2004. I am running Windows XP Pro with a DSL connection rated at 128 kbps download speed. When I run Optimize I select "LAN, Cable, DSL, Satellite, ISDN, T1 (safe)" and then optimize. When I perform the optimize it offers to change "Maximum of simultaneous connections" from current value of 8 to recomended value of 20, which is supposed to take place after rebooting. The only problem is that the value never changes. Do I have a defective version of PC Pitstop Otimize, or has my version expired forcing me to buy a new version?
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