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  1. thanks man i cleaned out my whole pc anf the temp stays below 60 degrees C and my fps has increased to 110 from 80 when i play americas army thanks man matt
  2. Hi i need help with my computer i have installed hardware doctor it sais that the cpu tem is around 70 C the pwm is over 75 C sometimes and the system stays around 45 C then the computer beeps on and off then shuts off after 5 seconds and all this happens after the computer is turned on for about 45 mins Help me please Matt im also new here and i was wondering how to have this site automatically show ur computer descripion and not type in out on every topic INTEL PENTIUM 4 CPU 3.00 GHZ MOTHERBOARD= ABIT IC7-G RAM = 1024 MB 150 GB HARD DRIVE GFX CARD = GEFORCE FX 5600 DVD DRIVE = LITE-ON COMBO LTC-48161H SOUND = REALTEK AC97 AUDIO MICROSOFT XP PRO SP2 SYSTEM MODEL = AWRDACPI
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