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  1. I managed to buy a mobo and a cpu fairly cheaply on ebay. I have installed them and now all seems to be working o.k. (after a few problems early on) Can anyone tell me where i can get a good free program (or an online test) to stress test it all to see how it handles under a full load, so to speak. Or do i just start running several programs at the same time? Thanks.... Colin.....
  2. Thank you for the replies. I have tried to do online scans, but whenever i switch on the wireless switch and connect to the internet, after about 5 to 10 minutes the laptop freezes or goes into a shutdown- restart loop. Whenever i try to connect an RJ45 cable directly, it allways says that a network cable is unplugged. I have then moved the cable into another pc and it works fine. So something is not right with the RJ45 socket (me thinks). I have ordered another CMOS battery, as it has two wires connected to it. I have also found another HDD on ebay, nice and cheap. So i will wait for these to turn up and see if it is any better. As the old HDD has a SATA connection, i'm sure that i read somewhere that i can connect it to a desktop pc and it should work (if it's not broken). Am i able to do this? If i am able to do this, do i dissconect the excisting HDD in the desktop or do i connect it as a slave? Bearing in mind that it does not have any jumpers on it to change it to master, slave or cable select etc... If i can connect it to a desktop i can see if it works ok or if i have simmilar problems. I will try that after work tommorow.
  3. Hello everyone.... After a several attempts to use the Advent System Recovery dvd, some of which got to different points before the laptop frooze, i managed to run it. It now starts up and runs, but sometimes only for a short while and sometimes for 2 hours or more. I have managed to install some updates from microsft website but sometimes the laptop freezes before they are installed. SP3 keeps on failing to install allthough the laptop is still working after failure. As there are no anti virus etc programs on here. Should i try to install avg, spybot search and destroy etc and try to run scans or is it unlikely to be that a virus is the problem? It seems to work ok in safe mode sometimes. but what should i do when in safe mode? any ideas please? Am i able to install any antivirus/spyware etc... progs while in safemode with a usb pen drive? As i don't have a windows media center disc, can i use a XP PRO disc to reinstall media center? Or should/can i do a clean install with the xp pro disc, which by the way is spare from a pc that now runs vista home. Colin.
  4. Hello all. I am looking at my nephews Advent 7108 laptop, which will not boot. More detailed specs can be found at: http://www.uktsupport.co.uk/advent/laptop/7108.htm It is running XP Media Center Edition 2005. I only have a System Recovery disc for this. It has a 512 mb card under the keyboard and a 256 mb card in the back(very easy to get to) When i first looked at it, it would get to the last known good config etc page. but no matter which option i used (safe mode, last known good config etc)it would stop and the restart again taking me to the same stage. Now all it does when i turn it on is the power light comes on and the dvd drive spins for a while, i wait for 30 seconds or so and power it down as nothing else appears to be happening. in the past the first screen with the intel logo appears after only a couple of seconds closely followed by the post screen (details of processor etc) I did notice that near the bottom it has something like CMOS BATT BAD CHECKSUM. Does this mean that the button battery is dying? I did test it and it says that it is 3.07 on the meter, i take it that this is o.k. though, but the time is wrong in the bios and it won't let me in there long enough to change the time and date before it locks up. The last couple of times it made some two tone warning sounds which i have read somewhere that this is a warning sound of either a low battery or over heating The processor and heatsink gets quite hot after a couple of attempts to start it. Does this mean that the processor is dead or dying? or is this normal in a laptop? I'm sorry for this being so long. Any help would be greatly appreaciated. Colin...
  5. thanks for all your help. i have done a clean install with win XP which i brought of the internet and all is working fine. thanks again......
  6. me again. Now when i put in a network card and boot up the pc, it finds new hardware and then starts to install it. but a warning box comes up and says the following, Cmdninst has caused an error in CDMNEW.DLL Cmdninst will now close If you continue to experiance problems, try restarting your computer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The computer hangs at a blue screen only. I have to ctrl,alt,delete to bring up the close program box. If i end task, then i have to turn of with the power button as it locks completly, or i click on shut down and that is what is does. Can anybody shed any light on this please. Colin
  7. Me again. When booting up the pc, it halts on a screen with the following. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Error Symantec AntiVirus Auto-Protect is unable to start! SYMANTEC.386 is not loaded. You may need to reinstall Symantec AntiVirus to correct the problem. Press any key to continue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I then press start and all boots up. If I put in Symantec disc it asks if I would like to uninstall it. I click yes and it starts to uninstall, but stops part way through with the following. Error 1316. A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\NAV.msi It then tells me to visit their website for more info. When I go to the website, I have to download an auto-fix tool. but I am unable to see it using the browser on the ME PC. So I saved it to a pen drive on another PC and then installed it onto the ME PC but nothing happens. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I visited MS update website and got 20 critical updates and 8 optional. All have been installed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have re installed adaware, spybot and avg, updated them all and done two scans with each. They all found a lot of stuff, which has been treated etc. I have also installed Registry Mechanic, which found 1172 problems, all of which were fixed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I start windows now, all starts fine until an error starting program box appears with the following. error starting program A Required .DLL file, CCL30.DLL, was not found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After I done the above I have now managed to get the ME PC connected to the internet using the USB modem supplied by the ISP provider. below is my latest scan with pcpitstop. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=HDJKHWB7SEVS4USV -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I downloaded the Norton_Removal_Tool_9x.exe and now when I restart all appears fine. I shall keep on using it for a couple of days to see what happens. Below is my latest scan result with pcpitstop. If anyone can look at it and see if all is as it should be. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=1ZGKHWB7SEVSEJSV -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do I need to do anything else about the DLL's, or is that it? Many thanks for your help, Colin
  8. Thank you for the quick response. I did find this fix on the ms website. I tried it then and I have just tried it again, but it failed then and it still fails now. Does the I at the beginning make any difference. i.e. refer to something else or not? It brings up a “System Configuration Utility” box. In which it has the following “The file was not found. Verify that you have selected the correct ‘Restore from location and try again’ c:\windows\windows update setup files. If I use the browse function I find the following, C:\WINDOWS\Windows Update Setup Files But this also brings up the same message. Does capital letters and/or spaces make any difference? Also can I find them on the ME disc? Or can I download ie 6 from the web, put it on to a pen drive, uninstall ie6, reboot, then install ie6 from the pen drive? I do have Registry Mechanic on my main pc, can I use this to repair my registry. If I can install on the me pc? Also whenever I try to put a network card into the pc, it finds new hardware, but a warning box comes up (but I cant remember what it says) and doesn’t install it. So I am unable to connect to the internet with it. But I am going to see if I can connect it using the USB modem supplied by my ISP provider. I will try to re install Norton first, when my sister brings the disc and codes in to town tomorrow.
  9. Firstly, thank you for your help. In safe mode i have uninstalled adaware, avg and spybot, and the problem is still here. how do i repair install ME. i cant do a system restore as they had it turned off. as for extracting etc, a new dll. i tried this but it cant find the file. i tried repair of ie in add/remove etc, but it fails. i tried to uninstall ie but setup failed to uninstall properly. Despite all off this, i thought i will try to create a startup disc, and see if i could do anything with it. I used this to do the following at the command prompt "Scanreg /restore" which brought up 5 saved files. i selected an older one, and now it allows me to startup normally except it advises me to reinstall norton to correct the problem. Now if i go to control panel, it opens and at the bottom it says that it has 35 objects, yet the window is empty. How do i get the icons back in here? If i click on file, an error box appears with the following ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Explorer has caused an error in NAVSHEXT.DLL. Explorer will now close. if you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have got the icons back by tools>Folder Options>Web View, and then selecting Use Windows classic folders. At least i am able to boot normally. will installing norton sort it out?
  10. Hello all. Help needed with a pc running ME. My sister tried to install adaware personal, avg free and spybot. As she didn’t want to pay for the Norton anymore. She uninstalled Norton, then installed adaware, avg and spybot, then started to update avg, as she is on dialup it was taking a while so she left it alone for an hour or so. When she got back to it the pc had locked up. Now whenever you start the pc normally, a warning comes up saying something like "Helpctr has caused an error in MSHTML.DLL. Helpctr will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer" when I click on close it disappears then a similar box appears with the same message, except it now starts with "Explorer", if I click on close it disappears only to return immediately this just continues until I am able to hit Ctrl,Alt and Delete and shut down. I am able to startup in safe mode, here it only comes up with the Explorer message once, then I am able to use it in safe mode. While in safe mode I tried the msconfig command in selective startup having removed all ticks, This makes no difference when starting either normally or in safe mode, other than the box appears warning that “You are using the Selective Startup for troubleshooting your system” box. Then Explorer warning appears every time I close it. I have an old 4gb hdd with xp pro installed on it, and if I switch hdd it works fine. So it must be the hdd. Something to do with DLL's. As I can only work with it in safe mode I am unable to use the USB, CD and DVD drives or go online. Although I am sure it is possible somehow. While the xp hdd was in I done a scan with pcpitstop if this helps. at least with the specs etc. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=KGAKHWM1DEVSBSHV can I (1) repair install ME? (2) install win 2000 pro as an upgrade? then reinstall ME? (downgrade to ME) (3) install win xp pro as an upgrade? then reinstall ME? (downgrade to ME) (4) install 2nd hdd as master and the ME hdd as slave, boot in to xp, then scan for viruses etc? (5) repair the dll or whatever somehow? (6) something else? Any help greatly received......
  11. Hi all. having installed m/s updates the other day on my xp pro pc, it has informed me that my office 2003 is not genuine. so should i just carry on using it anyway or should i reinstall office 2000 which is genuine. If i should revert to 2000, do i uninstall 2003 first then install 2000. or do i just install 2000 over 2003. my only concern is that i dont want to lose my important emails etc. should i make a copy of these before i do either. if so what is the easiest way to do this and should i copy anything else. i do have an externall HDD which i use for a full backup but i have never lost anything important before. All imput greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
  12. :beer: One wek gone bye and all works fine, thanks all....
  13. Thank you again Mouse. I have deletedold drivers etc while in safe mode. And all seems to be fine at the moment, i just need to reboot and check if it continues to be so. Have a few things to do at the moment, so i will check later. again thank you. will post tommorow either way!
  14. Thank you mouse, but.... As the P3 PC runs ok with the Radeon 7000 and a samsung Syncmaster monitor, i tried with these two items on the P4 PC, but during the boot process it works ok upto the windows xp screen, then the monitor turn's off when the logon user page should appear. If i hit f8, i can get it to enter safe mode ok. but i am unsure what to do to make it work when i am in there. Any help greatly appreaciated. My motherboard was replaced about 8 months ago. this is what everest list's about it. [ System ] System Properties: Manufacturer MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD Product MS-7104 Version 1.00 Wake-Up Type Power Switch [ Motherboard ] Motherboard Properties: Manufacturer MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD Product MS-7104 Version 1.00 This board has three PCI 2.2 32-bit PCI bus slots (support 3.3v/5v PCIbus interface) and one AGP 8X slot (the slot supports 8x/4x AGP cards) The power supply unit is a jeantech 500w. The Radeon 7000 is only about six weeks old and was brought in error by a friend, and he gave it to me still sealed in shrink wrap. Any more idea's please?...
  15. Firstly thank's for the input so far. can someone tell me what is the difference between AGP, PCI and PCI Express, and how do i find out which one i need to get, are they compatiable etc... Whenever i startup my PC the screen comes up all distorted and twisted, is this due to my old monitor, a worn out graphic's card, poor driver's for the card or something else? The only way this does'nt happen is if i set the screen resolution to 800 X 600, but this size is to small most of the time. When i put the Radeon 7000 out of the other PC into this one i end up with my monitor turning itself off. why is this? I have tried installing other drivers while in "safe mode" uninstalling and reinstalling all to no avail, any ideas
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