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    My main interest is Women however, since they are not always on the same page as I am I have to unfortunatly place them in second positon right behind online gamming.<br />Oh don't get me wrong, I would be glad to move them up the <br />chain of command but,until the right one comes along then theirs just no way in hell I'm giving up pure unadultrated online war gamming. of cours my other interest is money,I'm always glad to see the + in my account verses the negative.<br />other than that I'm sure theirs plenty but, I have to get off the computer to find them out! lol

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    os: win xp pro sp2 law: norton internet security2005,spybot search & destroy mobo: abit kv7 cpu: amd sempron 3000+ hdd: 1-250gig max. uata 7mb cache, 1-160gig max. sata 8mb cache mem: 2 x 512 ddr sdram pc3200 400 drvs:1-sony cdrw crx 215e1 1-toshiba dvdrw sdr5272 vid: radeon 9600 s agp 256 4x8x dis: 17" viewsonic audio: creative sb audigy2 zs gammer/ 7.1 DDS
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  1. KASPERSKY PERSONAL SECURITY SUITE 3/10/2006 Hi everyone!! All right it's been what 31 days since I installed nod32 as my first on the list of Anti-Virus Trial tests in that search for the one that appears to be the best for a gamer! ***NOTE*** This is only an opinion of one person and on the performance with my system.OK so last night I did an uninstall of NOD32 and an installation of the next Anti-Virus program on the list.Which is by Kaspersky ,Their where several different trial sellections and I choose to download & Install :: Kaspersky Personal Security Suite,This installation included not only Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal 5.0.383 but ,it all so includes Kaspersky Anti-Hacker 1.8.180, Kaspersky Anti-Spam Personal 1.1.50, Kaspersky Anti-Spam Personal for SMTP/POP3,Kaspersky Anti-Spam for MS Outlook. WOW I get a Anti-Virus,Anti-Hacker,Anti-Spam program all in one cool!! So,While installation takes place the unexpected happens & plug your ears cause their is some ugly words flying in the air!!! The pop up message that my system has a virus!!! um excusse me?, what was that?, my system has a what? no way! my system was only with out protection for like 5 min.! LOL this is a joke right hah funny funny laugh laugh uhhh right ? it is a joke right??? screeeeech SLAP! no it was not jokking but,here's the wiered thing! the infected file location was in my {C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro\itype.exe} the virus was (virus.Win32.KME) so I did some research on it and I found that Kaspersky Lab does not have any information at this time,it is known of but,not been identified as any threat yet! Since Kaspersky had identified it to me as a virus,I went ahead and let it delete the file and the ending report after installation and quick system file check reported threat removed and system fine. I think after posting this I will go to windows and see if I can find any thing there. As for my opinion of this Anti-Virus program, Hmmmm Well I like that it found this virus if it is a virus and that it has removed it before any further damage but, wait a minute! the infected file in question,this file was the .exe file for my wireless keyboard & I have had this keyboard for at leased 4 months. So if this file has been on my system for 4 months then this system would surly be infected right? I don't know ! I am so clueless to this part about computers and I am still learning as I go. moving on , I like the user interface of this program it's nice and understandable. Another thing that is really cool is that their appears to be only 4 processes added by this program and the total # of processes is still 29 to 30.I think it's 30 with task manager open and 29 with out task manager. the next thing to do is head over to BF2 for some all out gun play and see how she does.She being Kaspersky!!. I will give an update to the out come of the virus thing and on how the performance with gaming goes soon as I can,untill then Do a full system Virus scan & I'll see you on the other side. :crash: :crash: I love these smilies,some times they speak louder than words lol
  2. NOD32 END OF TRIAL TEST REPORT Hi All!!! Well it's been 30 days since the installation of NOD32 and I must say, I have been very happy with this Anti-Virus program.After having Norton Internet Security 2005 system resource sucking program for a year,it was nice to have a system that would actually function at an acceptable speed at leased during on-line gaming. Lets use Battle Field2 for when I am referencing to on-line gaming and Anti-Virus compatabillities. I went form 39 processes,3 1/2 min join server,beging map lag,lag when in a plane or chopper,2 to 2 1/2 min map changes , Yes I know, and you probably can imagine some of the words that would come out of my mouth during those moments,HUUUHH so displeasing to say the leased!But from that to 30 proccesses,2 to 2 1/2 min join server,an ocasional begining map lag,some ocasional lag with plane & chopper,down to 2min map changes, Yes, you can still hear me once in a while scream some profanity But,non the less it is an improvment and all because I changed Anti-Virus programs. Over all NOD32 during it's trial month was a nice addition to my system and it did a good job with protection.How do I know this? Well you don't see any bad language in 45 font size do ya? LOL, I know poor sense of humor but, it maid me laugh.NOD32 went vertually unnoticed,I mean it didn't keep popping up out of no where to tell me it did something for me,yes it is nice to know your Anti-Virus program is protecting your system But,cummon theirs nothing more aggrovating when you start a three on one shot out on the battle field and next thing you know your at your desk top with an message that your Anti-Virus program just saved your #$% from some ip add. attempting to access your system.I'm sure you know the out come of the three on one shot out and the nasty words from this mouth.In the begining of the trial test for NOD32 it found a Trojan on my system and basically stopped it from caussing any harm to my system But, however it didn't get rid of it and with the help of a fellow pitstop forum gooroo I was able to get my system cleaned up and running nicely. Thanks y kawika. Using a scale of 1 to 100 % I am giving NOD32 a nice 75% for it's user friendly application,low system resource usage and for the fact that it didn't annoy the heck out of me.It did a great job on Virus awarness updates,at leased once a day if not more. 75% is a good fair ratting! at leased I think? given the fact that it was the first on the list of 7 to be tested.I enjoyed not seeing it all the time but, I will admit there probably could be a little more to it. 75%=B
  3. Hay! All just thought I would give an update on the on going Anti-Virus software search and an update on my system. First thing is that I was just speakking about that trojan not to long ago and how I was happy that NOD32 had gotton rid of it. ummm well, at leased so I thought,turns out that NOD32 didn't actually get rid of all the contents of that trojan. you see it actually left a dead end file in my registry,this would explain the reason for that warning popup window during system start up. All in all yes NOD32 did stop the trojan from infecting my system but, it did not remove the registry key. even though NOD32 left this registry file , it did make it a dead end file. meaning that it insured that windows couldn't find the file as well the trojan couldn't reinfect my system. I am happy NOD32 was able to at leased stop the trojan in it's tracks and it must not go with out mentionning ,that I was able to remove this registry file along with about 30 or so, other registry files that where either some sort of intrusion on my system getting classified info on me or it was some sort of maleware. Like I was saying all this was made possible for me by the help of a fellow PC PITSTOP member Thanks Y kawika!, with out your help and knowledge, who knows I might have ended up with a shot out system. Thanks again OK that being said here is my most up to date notes: Anti-Virus UpDater 2/16/06 This is a list of the current Anti-Virus programs to be tested in the order that they will be tested in: 1) NOD32 02/07/06 THRU 03/09/06 2) Kaspersky 03/09/06 THRU 04/08/06 3) Avast 04/08/06 THRU 05/08/06 4) AVG 05/08/06 THRU 06/07/06 5) Bit-Defender 06/07/06 THRU 07/07/06 6) Trend-Micro 07/07/06 THRU 08/06/06 7) System Suite 6 pro 08/06/06 THRU 09/05/06 Firewalls This is a list of the current Firewall programs to be tested in the order that they will be tested in: 1) Kerio Personal Firewall To Be Announced 2) OutPost Firewall To Be Announced Remarks & Comments 1) Commenting on Anti-Virus test #7, The reason for the ? mark, is to signify that this is a possible stand by , dew to the fact that their is not a trial version of System Suite 6 Pro, it is highly unlikely to be tested. Unless of course I am able to get a positive respons from Vcom on the email I am going to send them 02/17/06. I am awear of their being a holliday on 02/20/06 , thus I do not expexct a respons from them untill at leased 02/27/06 . This will allow at leased 5 dys for them to ponder and respond with an answer. I wounder if this is going to be considered as a bold movement or out landish request by me to them? LOL oh well! non the less I am still going to do it and see what kind of results come of it. Note: If this act recieves no respons or a negative one, then I will have to decide weather or not to consider it as a possability. I think by waitting untill all other tests have been ran,may help me too decide if it is a needed program or not. I have not done a complet & thurough check in to this company's offerring of this particular program, so I am unsure if there is a 30dy money back garuntee. If their is such a deal then it is quit possible I will give it a try.I'll let you know when I have recieved a respons from Vcom on this matter.. 2) The reason the firewall's are to be announced are because, I haven't started testting yet and probably wont for another week or so. But I will let you know when this happens. 02/19/06 update Update on feb.17.2006 email to Vcom: unfortunatly I was a little busy this week end with cleanning out my system and removing that nasty trojan. So I was unable to type up an email just yet and since I will be out of town for a couple days I wont be able to write them untill wed the 22nd. no big deal , cause my system is running a lot smoother now, since Y kawika showed me the light on a few things. If you are experiancing any system slowing or when you log on to the internet and for some reason your tool bar looks or acts strangly,like you enter a web site and instead of that site comming up,an unknown search engine comes up or some other way off site appears ,Then you might just unknowingly have malware or a possible trojan,worm,virus ect..... the list goes on for days. Then I would like to suggest to you these couple of programs that were introduced to me for a system cleanning, these truely do work very good and I promise if their's any infected files on your system,once you finish running these programs,you will notice a big difference, trust me on this one!!! 1) http://www.ewido.net/en/download/ Download,Install & run it ! this is Ewido Anti-Malware Utility 2) http://www.stevengould.org/software/cleanup Download,Install & run it! this is Clean-Up by Steven Gould
  4. God! I'm such a newb! , I was totally up to date with BF2 and last night it took just a little under 2hrs to do the full patch update through Xfire , I didn't reallize all I needed was the incrumental.. want another good laugh on me? check this out not only was I stupid to wait the 2hrs for the full patch! , my stupid *&^ stopped the incramental update that Xfire had 75% completed!!!! now if that aint total newb yes you can slap me if you want to, I deserve it, go ahead make a singal file line please and no cutting or second slaps either! even though I deserve it. LOL OK all together now 1,2,3 NEWWWWWB lol I'm out hay! no punching I said slap not punch lol
  5. Hay their Y kawika ! I just got done checking out the short cut you had on your post and noticed 1) the info on removal so please forgive me for speaking before doing all my home work! 2) noticed that this info is from symantec! does this mean that you use symantec your self? just curiouse to know how many system resources your's uses and actually witch one is it that you are running, that is if you are useing nortons at all. 3) how happy are you with symantic,if this is what you use?
  6. ******edited******* Thanks Y kawika, just one thing,is this info to help me remove the Trojan ? because NOD32 did remove the Trojan when I installed it, however the only remaining problem well not problem but situation is that every time I boot up when win. is startting, I get that error message telling me that the system can't locate that particular file. which is a good thing cause this means NOD32 did remove it. I am just trying to get rid of the stupid error message that continues to pop up during windows startup, by the way this is the only time I get this error message , after I click OK or the X button, it doesn't reapear until, I restart my computer again the next day. note: I am not questioning your suggestion,I'm only questionning your intensions ? hopefully you under stand what I mean by this and not take it offensivly. NOD32 has so far unmistakenly done a fantastic job up to this point and I am glad I choose to test it first, who knows something ellse may have missed it and I could be infected with the wrong kind of Trojan lol if you now what I mean. OK yeah staill hummor thanks again.
  7. First if you haven't read the post above then I would say it might be a good idea to take a look at it. Seconed thing is just some more thanks Zmike -- Thanks for the input I'll keep that in mind and allso sorry I can't help you with your question,unfortunatly I have no clue about the Linux OS but, hopefully one of these guys can help you out!! Y kawika-- As all ways thanks again for the info & thanks for answering my question. Wademan-- Thanks to you too for answering & thanks for the input. Much appreciated guys thanks. for the nondrinkers & for the ones who do!!
  8. I don't drink but maybe just one wont hurt :beer: All right here is an up date : NOD32 RESULTS 02/11/06 updated 02/14/06 8:28:57 PM This is my opinion and that is all it is,just one persons view's and opinion's !!! That bieing said! Lets get started. OK this is my opinion of NOD32 : In my opinion, this product or program which ever you desire,is a pretty good program. First, lets get you up to speed! I instaled NOD32 7dys ago,and today I decided to look into this one perticulare file that ever since I installed NOD32,when I would start my system, right after inserting my password to log in to windows the first popup screen is my battery backup program and the next one is this ERROR warning screen that would say and I will CAUTION you now if you find this file on your system get rid of it asap WARNING WARNING [ C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Folders\ibm00005.exe ] This error warning sign was comming up durring system startup and has been since I instaled NOD32,at first because the file indicated it had to do with an ibm type file and I have no ibm type hardware on my system,I was just ignoring it and clicking on the ok so it would just go away. Tonight I got intrested in this file and begain to investigate it. After a few searches I was led to do a search on google and I think it's safe to say that google has got to be the best search engine around with out a doubt. well google with in about 0.34 sec came up with this description of this particular file extention. Summary of IBM00005.EXE Trojan.IBM/Shell.Process Company Information Unknown Description of IBM00005.EXE Trojan.IBM/Shell.Process is a trojan that installs under the Microsoft Shared folder in Common Files under Program Files. The files are typically around 2-10K in size and start with IBM00000X.EXE the X is a variable number between 1-9. Trojans are programs that can appear to serve a legitimate purpose but actually have an unwanted or harmful effect. A large segment of trojan programs download other harmful software components to a user's PC without his/her knowledge. This application is most likely downloaded and installed by another application that is considered to be adware or spyware. Threat Level (1-10) 7 Processes IBM00005.EXE It all so mentions file extentions ( ibm00001.exe , ibm00002.exe ,ibm00003.exe, ect...........) Folks if you have any of these files on your system please take heed or warning and get rid of it now it is a trojan. So to say the leased I am glad I have given NOD32 a try the only thing that bothers me right now is that their is an error warning sign that keeps popping up at the beging of windows start up. obviously the threatning part of the trojan is gone but their is still something that is trying to get me to fix this problem wich is all so obviously a bad thing, anyone with any suggestions on the removal or how to locate this,I encorage you to pm me asap, thank you and I will up date again once I have more info..
  9. Hay people! thanks for all of your support, input & advice. It seems to me their are all ways going to be a few anti-virus programs at the top of the list,the only thing we need to do is figure out wich one is right for us or our system. I am now finding out that this could be a posible long proccess, expecialy when you get in to checking out 3 or 4 or more of these programs.However it all so ocures to me that this particuler topic can be a some what argumentive topic. So seeing that this topic can have many different opinions and facts, I will continue to test these different products that get mentioned here. I some times see that one product will be spoken highly of by many as in this case NOD32 has been mentioned the likes of more than any other. I am currently running NOD32 and even though it has only been 4 or 5 days,I have to say it uses very few system proccesses and it updates the threats list at leased one time a day if not more. this makes me happy and right now it will be put at the top of my list for instalation after I complete this little test. I'd like to take the time to say thanks to you individually : Y kawika - thanks for your continued support and input on this topic,being as I'm a newbie to this whole thing it helps to see someone with a well rounded opinion and knowledge input on subjects like these, so once again thanks. and I'll check out that outpost firewall ty Wademan - thanks for the info, I will give it a try and see what it's all about, Bit Defender is one I have not heard to much about,so thank you by the way what are you using now for your protection? joe C - I would have to agree with you at this point on NOD32 being a good A/V, thanks for your input it helps trigger 2040 - trend micro this another one I have heard very little about but, I have heard of it I think I past on it when I first started using an a/v for nortons internet security 2005, why did I choose nis2005? I made my decistion based on what I had been seeing people talk about online in many different places and nortons was at that time the most highly recomended and by the majority , so if it's good for them,it must be good for me!? humm well I guess we al have to learn some how! thanks again smb - lol, no prob,thanks to you as well for such rounded opinions & knowledge,it's nice to now you can get some educated answers from some where. thanks again Y kawika - you had mentioned something about windows vista, out of curiosity what do think about that new OS ?
  10. OK so I have just been taking a look at two of the suggested programs suggested by TyIzaeL wich where Avast Antivirus & Kerio Personal Firewall. While looking over Avast I noticed in one of the topics it mentions that it provides this new feature called Web Shield,this acts as a transparent HTTP proxy!. To be honost I have no clue what that exactly means but,I'll go with it, meaning (ok sounds good I guess?!) lol. This web shield feature apparentaly has almost zero effect on browsing speed, " this is interesting " but I don't usually have any difficulty with browsing,just keep reading. Another new feature called "Intelligent Stream Scan" OK pay ATTENTION: lets the web shield modual scan objects on-the-fly,without the need of caching them locally. Stream scanning is performed in operating memory only (without the necessity to flush the contents to disk), providing maximum possible throughput rates.OK!? so this is where I ask the stupid question!!? It says stream scanning is performed in operating memory! "I am going to assume this means "active memory or a running proccess"? wich is fine if,their are a few not a lot of running proccesses. this product seams to offer many of nice features and I will be installing and running the trial version today 02/11/06. One quick thing before I go download, this product is offered in the 64-bit and 32-bit vertions witch is cool because, this means it is available for everyone, not to mention it is FREE yes 100% all the time FREE,so long as you are not using the pc it is installed on to make any money.then you must get the pro version and sorry I don't know how much but I presume it's not to exspensive. scroll up to TyIzaeL's reply and click on the underlined Avast! Anti-Virus and this will take you right to the spot with all the info on this program. allso If Anyone could tell me how important it really is to have a Firewall up & running or not? I would like to hear anything at all,because I can say that after using the computer with online access for the last three yrs. out of 5 I've used the computer at all,I have never used a firewall deffinetly not win xp's and cross my fingers to my knowledge have never been Intruded upon. Of course how would I now I'm a NOOB. any takers on this? I will be giving a personal report about my thoughts on NOD32 soon as possible. REMEMBER people I am a total nooob to computer and have no techie experiance so take what you read here posted by me as notes & not as the most accurate or efficiant answers! just wanted to say that one time, lol (Where's spell check? I need spell check, auwww) update(sorry) 2/11/06 5:17pm In the process of startting a report on NOD32 I realized that,I have only been using NOD32 for 4days and instead of trying to quickly pick & choose an Anti-Virus program.I have decided to try some thing different in my life and BEEE PAAAAATIENT!! lol I am going to run this program for 30 days before I remove and try another one of these suggested programs. This should allow me to give a better and more spacific report as well as allow me to experince the product a little bit. If anything should go wrong, I will decide at that point weather to move on or continue the 30day testing. Hope fully, I my self can be patient enough to wait this long, since it is a rather important part of our lives, in this unfortunate Battle against the usless,worthless HACKER, ATTACKER,SPAMMER or LAIMO throwing that 18mm wrench in your bike tire as you try to ride bye ummm yes it is an ugly picture and trust me you don't want to see it!!!!!! I hope that others can learn from this like I am & like Y kawika mentioned previously. so check back once in awhile for any updates in this search for the gamers Anti-Virus program. And as always please feel free to put your two cents in,I am willing to listen & learn & can deal with criticizim and have a very open mind. Thanks :crash:
  11. Hay! thanks TyIzaeL & ReecoSuave I'll add these to the list and check them out. I appreciate your input and I'll besure to let you all know the final out come! TyIzaeL I've never heard of either one of these before so I'm interested to see what these have to offer. thanks again
  12. update: To Ykawika & smb thought you might like to know that I am currently giving NOD32 trial version a try and so far I am likking the results, already I have reduced my proccesses from avg.38-39 down to avg.30-32 WOW I can actually see a difference HAY! thanks guys for your help and suggestions I truly do appreciate it. I'll be looking into that kaspersky as well smb,don't want to overlook any thing before makking my decition once agian guys THANKS and I think that will just about close this topic at leased for know LOL!!!!!??
  13. Thank you! I will check in to these. just one thing if this product is checking 20+ times a day that would be a running process,don't get me wrong I know their have to be a few but,can you possibly give me any idea on the number of active processes this software utilizes,nortons uses at min.12 thats with the live updates and all. unfortunatly this is unexceptabl. Yah I know I could run out a grab another 1gig of ram but, at the same time I'd like to still reduce my system processes to below 38. I am probably seeking information & help with a topic that should not be so difficult and, I probably should just except that I must have this protection and unfortunatly at the cost of some memory.man rhat sucks!! I guess it's time to head to the store for some more ram HUH!!? Thanks for your input I'll check it out.
  14. Thanks I'll check it out, any body else have any suggestions ?
  15. I was wondering what everyone is using for an antivirus protection? and/or What people would suggest is to be what they think is the best or better one to use ? Here is my sittuation, I have around thirteen days left on my subscription with my antivirus program right now. that happens to be Nortons Internet Security 2005. this has allmost all you need Antivirus,Popup stopper,Spyware intervention,E-mail security and a couple others . Now I will admit it has done a very fine job or even an excellent job at protecting me while on line, but yes here it comes, I as a gamer one who plays online gamming quite abit, have ran acrossed some annoying things, Like for instenc that did you know that norton internet security has 11 yup eleven active process running when you hit the start button, thats if you don't want the little emblem showing in your taskbar down at the bottom on the right, and say your in the middle of some intens battle on BF2 "thats Battle Field 2 "for thos who might not know ,and all of a sudden boom your at your desk top with this [email protected]#$^ bleeping info sign telling you , You have thirteen more days on your subscription,restart your subscription now or do it later! :crash: Well I am not going to start with the words that come out of my mouth at that moment,just know that their not nice. Anyways in most of my search for better performance out of my machine,many suggestions are to shut off antivirus & spyware and such while gamming, OK so you can disable the antivirus & internet security for several different time selections or to restart after a reboot , Hay I don't know how long I'm going to be battelling it on the field or on another game!!, Well I supose you see where I'm going with this and I will admit that it is probably a little bit of over reacting but, if your a gamer you more than likely now where I'm comming from. So this leds me to asking for everyone's oppinion about what they think is the better or best antivirus software out there ? I would like to here from any one on this Exspecialy from the gamers point of view. So please let me know what you all think,as you read before I still have thirteen day's left to make my desition. Thank's for your time and if any concern in advance, as this will help me decide on my antivirus protection future LOL ..
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