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  1. okay, deleting the cdrom entry in device manager worked perfectly but it didn't work at all on the usb flash drives. the funny thing is when i connect a usb external hard drive it's accessible but the flash drives come up ACCESS DENIED everytime and i've tried two different flash drives. anyone have a clue as to what's happening here? while in device manager i deleted all the usb controllers and the generic storage device but after restarting and letting everything reinstall the flash drives are still giving the ACCESS DENIED error.
  2. i think i did exactly what you were telling me to last night. i deleted the cdrom in device manager and upon restarting the cdrom drive was accessible again. i'm about to check on the usb now but i think it will probably be the same as i get the same error when trying to access anything on either of the flash drives i plug in. i'll post back with the results thanks some more mark
  3. okay, i spoke too soon i still can't access my cdrom OR any of my usb removables! can someone please help me with this and i'll be out of your hair. tia.
  4. okay Hawk, i think i spoke too soon. after restarting the notebook a second time some of the fixes in xp_fix did actually take hold. i was able to open add/remove programs again for one. i'm not sure what all else was fixed by the xp_fix b/c as soon as i saw add/remove open up and then applied the control panel tweak from kellys korner suggested by markjoy and i am now able to access everything! so thanks so much m8! this was giving me the blues until you all lent me a hand - thank you! thanks a bunch to you too markjoy as i think between the xp_fix and the controlpanel regfix from kellys korner (a place i have visited often over the years and yet forget to bookmark for whatever reason) as these were the only two things i have done tonight to the notebook and EVERYTHING is accessible again now. i mean i couldn't even right click on the desktop and go to properties to access the display properties along with all the other things i mentioned earlier so thank you all so much! i've been a member at pcpitstop for many years but it says i'm a new member for some reason? did they purge the old server or something as i notice it's gotten an nice facelift since i visited last. all the best to you two!
  5. thanks for the reply hawk! i would love to run these programs however i am basically limited to correcting these things via the registry as i can't access any of the usb drives that i have when i connect them to the notebook. whenever i try to access a usb drive (or control panel or device manager or system properties etc) i get the same error message... Restrictions This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator. ...and as i said before, i am using the administrator account. this happens in safe mode as well. would there be a way to restore access to these areas via the registry? it seems as though the malware disabled a bunch of settings in group policy or something. if i could at least access my usb drives i could move forward with your initial instructions. oh yeah, i also tried making a data cd but whenever i click on the cdrom i don't get an error message but it never opens the drive.
  6. Hello all, I have a terribly frustrating problem with this Dell notebook after using Combofix, SmitFraudFix, and Fixwareout to clean up a host of malware problems. Although all the infections seem to be cleaned I now am unable to access... control panel usb drives system properties / device manager add/remove programs firewall settings ...and these are just the ones that I can remember off the top of my head. I was also locked out of the registry editor AND task panel but found registry fixes for those two. This is on a Dell notebook running WinXP Home with SP2 and using an Administrator account. Any help would be greatly appreciated! RTBrooks
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