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    Apex PC-389 case, AOpen MX4SGI-4DN2 mobo, P4 Northwood @2.8(SL6WJ), AVC copper HSF w/70mm fan, 650 watt PSU, 2x Lite On DVD+/-RW(IDE), Maxtor 40 GB HDD IDE, 512MB RAM DDR333(PC2700), EVGA e-GeForce 6200 (AGP 8X), Azio AWD102N PCI Wireless N Rather cheap build, but good quality/power for money!!
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  1. Throughput runs less than 1k bytes The router is a netgear with 4 wired ports and wireless N. And with that, I'm gone. I'd love to say it's been nice, but what ever.
  2. There's 4 slots on this board and I have only 1 stick in there. It's PC2700 and my CPU hates it. I've got 4 sticks of RDRAM here that I no longer need and was trying to trade it on craigslist for some PC3200. But seems there nothing but scammers on craigslist.
  3. No idea what the problem is. Just can't get a connection to secure router and actually stay connected. If it does connect, will be for only a few moments and then drop connection. If I connect to a non secure router it will stay connected just fine, but through put is far below that of dial up. The adapter is brand new. Azio AWD102N I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 and see 100% signal Was thinking about going back to Windows XP and see if that will make things any better. But not sure I should even waste my time any more with switching any OS. I've only got 512MB RAM in this thing (can't a
  4. I try searching for answers and get everything but what I need. No one is of any help to me. And I'm seriously beyond aggravated. So please just close of this account already. I'm done and I give up.
  5. Want it, come get it... cost me $20, give me the 20 and its yours. Damn thing won't connect to any router that uses WPA And I don't see any kind of settings anywhere here that can be changed.
  6. Well I'm back on the unsecure connection. Every time I need to reboot it won't allow me back onto the secure one. No idea what the deal is but it's got me so aggravated I'm just going to go back to the Belkin thing and throw this piece of crap in the garbage.
  7. The non secure one I'm able to connect to most often (neighbor) is a Belkin WRTR159G The secure one (home wifi) is a Netgear WNR2000 I'm connected to the secure one now (finally) but I'm seeing default route and primary DNS are the same under connection information. Also logged into the router and see there is a firmware update available. Main page shows current is and the new one available is So it would seem that problems with the unsecure connection is probably due to it's a wireless g And the secure one possibly due to firmware needs to be updated
  8. Well it started out just fine.... Now giving me problems with connecting to router with WPA. No problem connecting to a non secured router though. And Throughput seems be jumping all over the place. Not very consistent at all. For most part can get a nice 800 KiB/s (what is shows on system monitor) but keeps dropping off to very low figures as low as 10 bytes/s Seems it's doing the same thing that Belkin USB adapter was doing. Starting to look like some kind of electrical interference. Oh well, guess I'm stuck dealing with it until I move.
  9. Installed very easily, I'm now running Ubuntu 10.04 and it recognized the card right away on boot up. I haven't looked into any configuration or tweaks yet. Looks be be running in wireless g though, Network Connection shows 54 Mb/s Interface shows simply 802.11 WiFi (wlan0) Ran speed test and got the following results: Got this result yesterday - this is roughly 3x higher than I was getting with the Belkin f5d7050 http://www.speedtest.net/result/810244054.png And this one just now - just about double that of the old Belkin http://www.speedtest.net/result/811420504.png
  10. Sweet, I can get this old Dell fully reassembled soon. Perfect timing too with my new case coming in this morning!! Now I can get 2 systems put together at once. Oh stormy, the first link you gave for experts-exchange may be a good one but I don't know. It wants me to sign up before allowing me to see anything other than the question originally posted. Thank you both very much
  11. Anyone happen to know where I can find a pinout schematic for this system's mobo? I've been searching high and low, can't seem to find this anywhere It's a mATX Intel board made specifically for Dell. Model is Bluford2, I have REV A00 Basically got the board re-capped and start putting it all back together in the case. Plug in the front panel cable for the front usb and audio, no problem. Go to plug in the front panel connector for the power switch, power LED and HD activity LED... the stupid thing (plastic piece I believe called molex connector) is broke and wires won't stay
  12. Wow, it won't go from the original disc but does just fine from making and ISO and putting that to disc. That's unusual. But congrats on getting it to work out Not sure if I've ever played RCT2 yet. Used to have the first one and it sure can be a really fun game! If crashing rides isn't good enough, it's always fun when the people eat at concession stand and then go on a fast ride and throw up!!
  13. I just downloaded kubuntu 10.04 the other day and ran the livecd. I'm assuming it's beta2, but no idea for sure. Didn't even give it a thought to see which it was Actually thought it was a full release already. Now I see the countdown on ubuntu.com and feel pretty silly Though, I didn't have any problems at all with running live. Gotta get a new wi-fi adapter, another hard drive or 2 and some better memory (maybe over the weekend) and then I'll prob download the full release when it's available and try a full install.
  14. LuisP24


    IIRC, Bruce posted a while back to do just that if have problems with flash. I believe that I may have tried once too when I had a problem with flash. Deleting the whole .mozilla folder resulted in losing all my bookmarks and add ons though. On the plus side, it did correct the flash problem. Kinda give and take I guess
  15. LuisP24


    No worries on that for me then, I'm using desktop. Not sure if my CPU starts getting hotter or if the fan speeds up. I'd have to be able to monitor it somehow. Can't tell by listening as my PSU fans are loud enough that I can't really hear anything else. If I try to watch music videos on youtube in 720p it just skips all over the place. Though audio plays back normally. Flash games do make up quite a bit of CPU usage though. Especially evony!
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