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  1. The doc's plan has my vote, too...lol Great!
  2. Crusader

    New to Linux

    Thanks for the response, Bruce. I feel like a newbie again. Since it was you who actually got me interested in exploring SuSe, I hope you'll continue helping me through this transition. My questions number in the hundreds, but I'll do my best to start with basics and "simple stuff". Jim
  3. Crusader

    New to Linux

    Thanks for all the help. In the meantime I tried a repair-no help there. I just decided to start all over, making sure I don't mess with any settings again...lol. BTW....already tried SaX2...didn't work, either.
  4. Crusader

    New to Linux

    Thanks for the suggestion, however, I get a response of -bash command not found. Anything prefixed with sax2 gave the same result.
  5. Crusader

    New to Linux

    I just installed SuSE 10.2 on my Dell Inspiron 8000. I made the apparent error of changing my dispaly resolution to 1024x768. Now when I boot, there is no image at all when the desktop loads. Anybody know how this may be undone? Thanks in advance. I know Winblows very well...but I'm now in uncharted waters.
  6. Colts are doin' it...19 to 14 right now.
  7. Ford Found on the Road Dead Fixed Or Repaired Daily
  8. IBM tends to look for Degree + certifications + experience. Degree-nice to have, Certifications-need to have. Experience-must have.
  9. My NAV icon looks like a 2 button mouse, yellow in color. IBM likes to use it, for some reason.
  10. Happy Birthday!!! Your presence here is appreciated even by those who don't say much...(like me). All kidding aside, I hope this day is as good for you as any can be.
  11. In the year 2000, I was doing technical support for Compaq. And, yes, there were systems whose bioa was not Y2K compliant and did no longer boot after the turn of the century without a bios update.
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