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  1. Thanks for your input but I've tried that and still no difference. I will keep on trying with the various sources and Toshiba based forums but don't hold out much hope. There is however one idea left Cheers. Rick
  2. I tried the realtek HD driver from the zip file even though this is the same one I had already installed. No Sound. Tried Windows update. No Sound. Tried update driver, allow windows to connect to the internet to search for updated drivers. Found nothing. Looks like I'll have to just do without sound, though that will of course reflect on the resale value when I decide to get another Laptop. Cheers anyway. Rick.
  3. I've already done the Everest test it's definitely a Satellite pro 100 motherboard. This is the data as entered on the Toshiba site. Product Type: Notebooks Family: Satellite Pro Product series: Satellite Pro A Series Model: Satellite Pro A100 (PSAAC) Short Model No: PSAAC Operating System: Windows XP Driver Type: Any Country: United Kingdom Driver language: English I have downloaded the file and will try it later when I get back home. I'm at work at the moment. Thanks again for your interest. Rick.
  4. Hi thanks for your interest. I bought the Laptop second hand and had to reinstall XP mainly because it was so full of crap. I do not have the recovery or driver CD and there does not seem to be any other partition on the drive. I checked that first with Acronis Disk Suite. The Drivers were downloaded from the Toshiba website after entering type, model, etc. http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/inn...rivers_bios.jsp The HD Driver was downloaded after following a link from the Toshiba forum to the Realtek site. http://www.realtek.com.tw/DOWNLOADS/downlo...p;GetDown=false I have tried installing the HD driver first then the Toshiba driver. No Luck. Uninstalled both drivers and installed them in the opposite order No Sound. Oh! For your information the Laptop had sound before I decided to do the complete re-install. Thank you for your time. Rick.
  5. Or use the simple method. Just set your firewall to disallow avnotifier.exe to access the web.
  6. Hi All. Tohiba Satellite Pro A100 Model No - PSAACE-007002EN Windows XP Pro SP3 I recently had to reformat and reload XP (SP3) on this laptop. I've downloaded and installed all the drivers for this model from the Toshiba site including the Audio and bios update. (Edit) there is no specific setting in bios to enable disable sound. No Sound. In device manager it shows unknown PCI device. Everything else is OK. Under Sound and audio devices it just shows generic drivers, codecs etc. In control panel under sounds, it states that there is no audio device present. I have researched on the web and have found that this seems to be a regular problem and as of yet I have found no definitive cure. I have tried downloading and installing the correct HD audio drivers as suggested in many places. No Sound. Uninstalled the drivers, Reinstalled the drivers. No Sound. I also tried Driver magic Pro it found and downloaded some driver updates but not for the sound. Any Ideas Welcomed. java script:emoticon('',%20'smid_21') Cheers. Rick.
  7. Next time you add a bookmark put it in the correct folder and you will never get the problem again. Another good thing in organize bookmarks is the backup option. Backup to a flash drive or external drive. You never Know. Rick.
  8. No need to log on in safe mode. When you get to the normal login screen. Simply do a ctrl/alt/del (twice) in the window that comes up enter Administrator as user name and then the administrator password in the second box. Hey presto you are now in the Admin account. Rick
  9. Now to get back to the subject that the OP was posting about.......! If you were working for a company (any company) lets call it company A. Now company A ask you if you want to go on a course and if you pass then company A will let you have it's latest product for less than 10% of it's retail price and you will get a commission for your recommendation (not stated by the OP but usual practice). Would you. (A) Not do the course ( Do the course but recommend company B (and receive no commission) © Do the course, recommend company A (receive your very cheap product plus commission). (D) None of the Above (E) Get a job where you don't need to compromise your beliefs and therefore do not need to slag off the company that is providing a large part of your wages. Rick.
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    Hi I've just checked the Process identifier and this one is not shown. This is in fact one of the programs that needs to run if you are using a mobile broadband dongle from the 3 network in the UK. Also if you are using 3 then AutoUpdateSrv.exe is also a program by 3 to make sure your dongle is up to date and able to connect If one of the mods would like to add this to the list cheers. Rick.
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