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  1. Safe blood and same things for you yeah. 1
  2. Sadly I'm reading were another wacko shot up an office or something. What the hell is in the water in these places?
  3. He's on life support so dunno how they can treat him in anyway.
  4. Why are you guys keeping this nut alive? Why not send him to his maker and his 72 virgins? Personally I'd have set him alight with some gasoline.
  5. I'm just wondering if it's one of them spy thing where he infiltrated and worked his way until he was able to do something terrible like this.
  6. Was that guy, Hassan, a born and bred Yank or a naturalised one?
  7. Reggae music FTW dude. I've been listening to this guy for a while now since seeing him on the news.
  8. What is Demonoid? Not sure I'd want an invite to a site with such a name.
  9. http://www.mvktech.net/component/option,co...derby,2/page,5/
  10. Yep, saw it. If everything works out I will be training with Machida in Brazil later this year.
  11. Did they make an announcement in the lectures? If not then that rubbish.
  12. I can almost guarantee that the accepted formats for delivery was specified on the project specification when they were handed out. You teacher or school would be really rubbish if they didn't do this. If they did and you didn't bother to read and interpret the specifications correctly then tough. The real world ain't easier and if you think it is then you got another shock comming.
  13. When I saw the title I thought you lost 170 Lbs and though, "Wow! How fat was that American". Good work bro, keep it up. Remember to get some exercise as well.
  14. That's nothing, you should have seen when my ex erupted on land.
  15. I wouldn't touch anything Apple even if they paid me.
  16. Yeah, I got that feeling but then I remembered that almost all the Pom batsmen got at least one life due to our poor catching in the first innings. And yes, 14 hours of test cricket is bliss but today is a working day, I'll be home in time to catch the ending.
  17. Morning Andrew, how's it going matey? The Cricket was quite good today and it looks as if the only thing the Poms can do from here is lose. Happy day.
  18. The Cricket's fine, it's the umpire that's the problem.
  19. USA Cricket Association: http://www.usaca.org/
  20. Happy to help Andrew: http://tinyurl.com/b5acug
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