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  1. The Samsung Galaxy S devices have this functionality to track, lock and wipe the device built in by default.
  2. When you guys decide what your national language is then you can get back to Mozilla.
  3. Send that kid to school in Jamaica for a month and see how quickly his get into gear and he learns some control. He throws a tantrum he'll be receiving the sharp end of a switch or a leather belt across his butt.
  4. They should have shot him and save the us the trouble of reading about him going on a shooting spree in the near future and killing other kids in his school.
  5. Tx_Red I did a franken software change today. I got the lastest PDA for the phone, JS3, which was released for the Netherlands and some Scandinavian countries and married it with the JPY modem, XEU(my product regional code) CSC, SpeedMOD kernel from Hardcore and themed it. Phone is even more responsive now. This is why I'll never buy Motorola, their locked bootloader will never allow someone to customise their phone in such a way. As for what Joe's question, yes you can. I just formatted my phone completely.. system, boot and cache files and internal storage as well, before installing updated software.
  6. JPY is Samsung's 2.2.1 firmware release for unlocked Galaxy S phones.
  7. I upgraded my pals TMobile Galaxy S to JPY firmware running Android 2.2.1
  8. Samdung will be announcing their Galaxy S2 come February 13 as well with their Orion dual core SoC and upgraded graphics processing unit which is stated to be about 5x more powerful than the one in the Galaxy S. :unsure:
  9. Have you done a software update? As far as I remember HTC released an update ages ago to fix issues like the ones you describe.
  10. Well occasionally I tend to have people bothering me with their voice... work, the girlfriend and others who just don't want to leave a fella to chill.
  11. I've got the Samsung Galaxy S. Here are some screenshots: As you can see I modded the hell out of it. It's now extremely fast. Apps: Ghost Commander Hero of Sparta Dungeon Hunter Asphalt 5 Angry Birds PowerAMP Stock video player is extremely capable. WiFi is fast and range is excellent. I get about one and half day of battery life with heavy browsing, emails,IMing, listening to music, youtube videos and sometimes the sat nav. edit, Oh yeah, I used it to time my rounds during interval training.
  12. ^Everyone can win in this competition dude. What's the matter with PCP? Yo'all scarred of getting your butts whooped?
  13. Looks like you'll get an update to FroYo from HTC: My link
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