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    My interest? Erm.. lets see: MMA , Motor sports, Cricket, Table Tennis, Swimming, Computers and anything Scientific.

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  1. Had a chicken and bacon wrap, a cream cheese sandwich, shreaded oats with berrys cereal and all washed down with some powerade. Now have lunch.
  2. Well it does what it sez. Runs a scan for certain files and if it find them then it's meant to be able to "fix" the phone. Mine was clean.
  3. Actually, for now, SLi seems the better of the two dual card solution on the market. ATi will be launching the X1800GTO soon which will be a better buy than a X850XT in more than one way.
  4. That R4XX archetecture is kinda out now. That article is from September 2005. We now have dongle less XFire from ATi to look forward to. This is already working with the X1800GTO and will be an option through the Catalyst drivers in the comming months. That's enough of me making sense now.
  5. http://member.wide.ad.jp/wg/mgp/
  6. Seems like they ain't getting nowhere fast. The po'lice seem to be on top of things. 2 confirmed arrests.. possible 3rd.
  7. Dunno how this works but here's a try: Girlfriend... The woman you love going home to. Wife... The woman you wish was your girlfriend again. Disclaimer: Intratech® has never been married but just figured that out by observing others.
  8. I still ain't seen no rabid coyote.. just something that looks like a fly getting squashed in the windscreen. I didn't even blink.. these are too common.
  9. Never been under or beside "it". Not important enough to register on my radar of things to care about.
  10. And? It's always been one rule for Volt and one for the rest of the board.
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