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    My interest? Erm.. lets see: MMA , Motor sports, Cricket, Table Tennis, Swimming, Computers and anything Scientific.

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  1. 4 turkey breast burgers, a fruit bowl and a cup of Earl Grey.
  2. Actually this is working out perfectly for Microsoft as Agent Elop is performing spectacularly above spectation. His mission, which he accepted, was to lower Nokia's market value so that M$ could then swoop in and buy them out on the cheap and instantly have a ready made playform to launch their own Windows Mobile resurgence. Well done Mr. Elop, well done indeed.
  3. Yeah well the Galaxy S III is coming soon and it's gonna be MINE!!!
  4. ICS is coming soon for the SGS2. Keep an eye out on XDA-Developers for more info.
  5. Samsung Android devices have been able to do this (Take a screenshot) from the get go without root.
  6. Well if you have a university MSDNAA account they usually give you windows stuff for free.
  7. I don't own any crApple product buddy. Don't slander my good name.
  8. Intratech

    3d Wallpaper

    Ah, live wallpaper is the name that they go by. These can be interactive if you have a touchscreen monitor as well.
  9. Intratech

    3d Wallpaper

    Do you mean an animated wallpaper D?
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