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  1. You mean your supposed to read them all, seems like no one else does.
  2. What's all this pissin and moanin about anyway?
  3. Ping is latency on the Net, and not your computer, therefore it can not be lowered. Latency changes every second on the Net, with the pulse of it's many users. Lowering ping by adjusting RWIN is simply an urban legend and not true, as RWIN and ping use two totally different protocols. If you lower MTU, the latency of your packets should improve, though your download speed will decrease as well. Some gamers prefer this course of action though. A bad NIC, modem, etc., may also be the cause of high ping. These must be replaced by the user.
  4. Anybody have the list broken down between overclocked and stock box. Mine for one is completely stock.
  5. Have you tried checking it at another site. Try here and see what it says: http://atl.speakeasy.net/
  6. The best answer is right here. As for flashing the bios, you would need to find out what it entails, to see if you wish to upgrade.
  7. Someone needs to design an offical team emblem for us. Who's up for it?
  8. TEAM, TEAM, TEAM Who's going to kick butt in FAH, #32035, that's who. The rest of the world is standing by and watching us gain momentum. Let's get a big recruiting drive going and show them how it's done.
  9. How are you losing your work uints. Ive shut down incorrectly, had a power failure and never lost a WU. Have I just been lucky or what?
  10. No fair throwing the big ones back, the object is to assist in their research not to see who can do the most work units. I've been choking on those monsters for 3 days now.
  11. Has anyone else gotten one of these monsters yet. This WU is huge.
  12. Buy it and you won't get any ads/ I'm currently using Opera 7 Version 7.10 build2840 registered version and I haven't found a bit of spyware.
  13. If you wish to run the Console Client here's a site with detailed instructions. http://www.planetspectre.com/fah_console.htm
  14. I've got 900 work units that the team could have if one is started.
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