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  1. Apparently I have picked this up, I brought the laptop up in safe mode and ran PCMATIC three times and it will not find and remove Security Shield 2012. Why will it now catch and remove it????
  2. I have done that and it doesn't work. I can only bring the computer up in safe mode. When I try and bring it up in anything else it just gets stuck at loading personal settings and just sticks there. When I try and run PCMATIC in safe mode it starts up and the three cogs come up and it locks up. I have to control alt delete and end task... Should I move to another area of the forum to get help with the active x because apparently I can't get pcmatic to run without it... right?
  3. I removed them and had it reboot but that didn't help but when I go back to internet options, security the level is set to a custom level upon reboot. Does that mean there is something on here that is changin it everytime and that is the problem??? I'm going to run Malwarebyets now...
  4. I'm running superanti in safe mode... it has found trojan.hugipon with two registry entries under it and trojan.agent/gen-6to4 that has 7 entries under it with one of them being c:\windwos\system32\6to4v32.DLL... I'm letting it run then will reboot and see what is up unless you tell me different...thanks...
  5. I just tried that and it didn't work. This started on this laptop Sunday and this is why I got pCMATIC cause it was acting weird. I can't log in unless I go to safe mode. It gets me to the welcome screen and the profiles come up then I click on one and it just sits there saying it is loading personal settings but never goes anywhere....
  6. I went through everything... I got to the last thing and came up with Active X not supported... What can I do about that??? Thanks!!!
  7. screen is gray, black at top, white box in the middle with 3 cogs that are just sitting there and that is as far as it goes..
  8. I'm in safe mode because that is all I can boot into right now, when I try and log in regular it gets stuck on loading personal settings, I have symantec 5.1 disabled and I have windows firewall off...I'm hard wired to the internet... What else can I do to get it going???
  9. I just bought a license for PCMATIC for compaq presario cause it's a piece of crapola... I downloaded it but it locks up at the start with just two of the cogs visible. I can only boot this computer in safe mode right now because i'm getting a svchost error thing.. I'm hoping this will aid in some of that if I can run it.. Help please... Jeff
  10. Then I hit ok and it says file needed: Printer driver INF for hp laserjet 1320 pcl 6 the file ".inf" on (unknown) is needed. Type the path where the file is located and then click ok
  11. It has to have something to do with this new laptop that has windows 7 on it because I was able to take my old laptop with xp and get right on it.... the new laptop with windows 7 gives me this when i try and connect to the printer... no driver found, windows can't find a driver for hp laserjet 1320 pcl 6 on the network. to locate one manually, click ok, otherwise click cancel and consult your network administrator or the printer manufacturer's website.... I'm able to connect directly to the printer and print so doesn't that mean I have a driver on the new laptop????? but the driver on the
  12. I have an hp laserjet 1320. I have it hooked up through a desktop on my network. I have a laptop that I'm trying to print from on the HP 1320 through the desktop, shouldn't I be able to do that? I see the printer on the laptop but when I try to print it says there is an error.I can print we directly hooked to it from the laptop. Help... Please
  13. Ok... I just pulled out one of my memory bars the one furthest from the CPU and the computer kicked right up... What does that tell me?????
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