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  1. Tweezers work great for removing the jumper on the back of h.d's.
  2. font is different for everything, computer is running faster though.
  3. Used window washer and now the font is a different style?
  4. Norton sure be the first thing windows loads? If not than a virus could make its way through before norton is fully loaded. Why does microsoft have its own Virus program thats build into windows? Having no antivirus is pretty stupid.
  5. When the computer starts up, everything loads but my virus protection. A message will come up saying that I not protected than about 30 seconds later norton will be turned on. After it comes on I get a security alert saying that "Norton Internet Worm Protection has detected and blocked an Intrusion attempt. Security rule: Default Block Bla Trojan horse. This will comes up every other time I start the computer. Is there anyway to get rid of it?
  6. ah thats what I was thinking. I don't think there anyway to change the vcore on the board?
  7. 512mb dimm sdram, which is on auto but can be changed to 200 or 266mhz. I have sisoftware sandra so if u need info I can get it there. So does speed up the bus also affect memory, h.d, graphic card etc? looks like it won't boot screen won't turn on if set any higher than 104 which is only 1352, 52mhz overclocked lol it should overclock higher than that? Am I missing something?
  8. I Have a duron 1.3 running off a asrock k7vm2. In the bios I changed the cpu host frequency from 100 defult to 102x13=1333. First question is will I wreck anything? I had the computer running for quiet a while and it don't not want to boot up crashed loading windows so I shut it off for a half hour and it booted right up. I was thinking maybe it was getting hot so I toak the cover off for now and got a 16" fan running full blast just to be safe. The cpu temp is 34c and board is 29c. Anyways I want to push it a little higher but not sure what to watch out for or check? I have read alot about overclocking but don't know all that much and help would be much apprecated/
  9. Yea thats the easiest route. Thanks for your replys
  10. Not sure how to set it to cable select or what u mean by that.
  11. Looking about my user manual it has Ide1 and Ide2 those slots are for the H.D right? Looking at the computer the H.D pluged into the Ide1 and the CD Rom is in the Ide2 could I just unplug the CD rom to plug in buddys H.D.
  12. Both are xp I have ADSL and he has dialup so I not sure if he has an ethernet card. Could u hook it up from the dialup modem??
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