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    Microtel Laptop dual P4 @ 2.8 Ghz 40 gb HD DVDRW ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 768 MB DDR
  1. Okay, I tried the .net 2.0 and the different partition and still no go. According to other things I have read, it is looking like a safedisk issue with some 'lock' on some dvd drives. I don't buy it yet since I have tried and used 5 different drives ranging from cdrw/dvd reader to dvdrw and slimtype dvdrw and ranging in manufacturers. 5 days and counting and this is driving me crazy. Funny thing is that I really don't care about this game. My son bought it and he really wants to play it. I won't let him use my laptop because I use it for school and can't afford for anything to happen to
  2. Thanks Henry, I have tried all of you suggestions except the .net 2.0 and the different resolutions on the desktop. After a complete reformat and reinstall, all of the windows updates and a fresh install of the game and its update, still no go. I will try the other 2 things and see what happens. I will let you know.
  3. Yea, most recent drivers here too but still no go. I am going to try a reformat as was suggested by another member in the game forum. It seemed to work for him. This computer doesn't have anything important on it so what the heck. It is the last thing I can think of and EA is useless as tech support goes. (no offense to any ea support folks out there but they keep telling me to do things that I have already stated that I have done, very frustrating!)
  4. Both desktops are custom builds. It seems that many others are having similar issues. I guess EAGames is working on it. We just can't figure out the common denominator. However, all three systems are using the ATI and all three systems are using different drivers, one of which is the most recent. So, I am at a complete loss. I even tried a different rom drive in one system to rule that out. Guess I will wait for EAGames to figure it out.
  5. Update. It runs fine on my lappy. Its specs are: P4 2.8 GHz 768 MB RAM ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 128MB Onboard sound AC97 Win XP Home w/SP2 DX9c I don't get it. What am I missing?
  6. After a successful install, the game will not launch. It gets to the first splash screen and then nothing, no error, no game, nothing. I went to EAGames and followed there recommendations to update all drivers, troubleshoot cdrom drive etc etc and all failed. I installed the game on a slightly different PC with the same results. Thought it might be the safedisk is corrupted to I installed the patch for that on the PC to no avail. returned the game for a different copy and still the same thing. Reinstalled DX9c and still nothing. System specs for PC #1:
  7. Yes, I can access the site fine. I tried to get him to open IE and type the address that I know works and he got frustrated and quit. I think he has a bad bookmark or maybe a popup block but I couldn't get that far with him. If he wants it fixed, he will take it to the shop or bring it to me. What ever he decides but I won't deal with him on the phone again. NO WAY!! Like I said, it is a problem with either the AOL browser or the link he is trying to use. Nice guy but a little thick. Dawn
  8. Thank you, folks. Firefox is not supported with this particular site. This guy is not computer literate, unfortunately. I tried to get him to open IE and type the url and he said he did. I tried to send him an email with the url that I know works and he got frustrated and said he was done. What can I do when that happens? Oh well, I appreciate the advice. If anything, I can store it away for later use. If he decides to continue, I may be back to this subject. Again, thanks to all. This is a great site! Dawn
  9. A co-worker with my husband has a pc running Win 98 SE and AOL Optimize 9.0 with security which looks like it is only McAfee Virus (no firewall). He took this system to a shop to have them install the AOL Optimize and since its return he has been unable to access his 401K site. All other bookmarked sites function fine as well as any searching and surfing. I had him disable McAfee and it still won't go. He has 2 browsers, AOL and IE and neither one will allow this site. What am I missing? This site is high security but he can go to his bank site without problems. Again, before the 9.0
  10. The message saying the link is wrong may be due to the fact that it was installed from your cdrom drive (ex: G:) That is no longer you cdrom drive letter now that you have removed the other partitions. If it was installed from one of those partitions, you will get that error also because that drive does not exist. You may want to find the file and right click the exe and go to properties and change the target drive to the drive where the cdrom is now. I don't know if that will help but worth a try. As far as removing programs that were wiped out on the other partitions, it can't be done f
  11. Okay, well maxtor does have a utility to check the drive. You can find it at maxtor.com . You will have to create a boot floppy or cd and do the check in "DOS". You may also get there setup utility to copy the contents to another drive. That should have come with the drive on a cd. If not, then you can get that from maxtor as well. Sorry I couldn't help more. Dawn
  12. ok, I got it now, duh Unfortunately, I don't know a lot about Raid. Wouldn't your data be on the raid drives as well as a backup? Not that this answers your question. Have you tried to enter windows in safe mode? or last known good configuration? If you can get into safe mode, try a system restore. That is the only idea I have, but others will have some suggestions I am sure. Dawn
  13. Okay, so let me make sure I have this straight (no worries on the english thing, mine isn't too great sometimes either and it is my only language ). The OS is on the drive that you think might be bad? If so and you are running Windows XP, than you cannot test it in another system with different hardware because the OS was set up specific to the original system. So, you should try to remove the memory that you installed and try to boot the drive again. That will rule out bad memory. If it still won't boot, than we can go from there. Dawn
  14. I am a little confused. Do you have 1 drive with 2 partitions? If so, does 1 of your partitions have Windows? Dawn
  15. charginchuck may still be right. If you are running XP, you can only put that drive in a system with the same hardware. If the hardware is different, XP will freeze and not load. Try removing the new memory and put the old back in and try to boot again. If it boots, then add one stick at a time and boot after each. It could be one or both sticks causing the problem. Give that a shot and see what happens. Dawn
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