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  1. Why would you want to keep the e-reader that screwed up your computer? delete it!!
  2. Tom, i'm sure you know what your talking about, but i don't . lol I think i will stick to the new monitor only. it would end up my taking it in the shop..not worth it. I thought it was just a matter of some adapter. Thanks
  3. HP mod. s5-1020,slimline, 4 gb ram, I don't know about video card.
  4. I am buying a new led monitor. I would like to hook up both old and new monitor to my computer. Computer only has one VGA connector. Can i have 2 monitors and if so, how do i do it. I assume if it can be done, i will need some kind of adapter cable. I can't find anything on HP site about doing it. And how does mouse pointer go from one monitor to the other?
  5. I don't want a router. More wires, more clutter, more expense, and most of all, more to go wrong. i assume there is no such splitter. Thanks
  6. Can you connect 2 computers(desktop and laptop) to one cable modem? Modem only has one ethernet port, but is there a splitter of some sort to split to convert to 2 cables to run one to another room? I suspect not because of different IPs. Or, can i run 2 cables and have only one connected at a time to one computer and then reset the modem to recognize the puter i happen to be on? Thanks
  7. I changed password and stay logged off my accounts. i use only live mail to check mail. So far, no more spam. After all that frustration of trying to get rid of whatever it is, all it took was a password change. Thanks a whole lot Jon. I should have checked here first.
  8. I will try it and let you know. And i use windows live mail to check all my accounts(3), but the problem is never in the other accounts. i add my own addy sometimes just to check if the problem still exists. I will get back to you. Thanks
  9. I use Hotmail. i seem to have gotten some kind of malware. my email is sending out spam to everybody in my contact list. the email appears to come from my email addy, but is for porn sites and meds. i ran avast av, superantispyware and malwarebytes and eset, but they show nothing. i finally had to delete all contacts from my address book, since friends were getting this trash. i occasionally add my own email address to contacts and the next day i get spam from myself. whatever it is, it is well hidden. does anyone know anything about this? Thank You
  10. super antis. shows rogue.agent/gen-nullo{exe} on scans. i can't find anything useful or that i understand on google..is this something i should be concerned about? Has been quarrantined...should i remove it? Thanks
  11. Hard to believe, no answers on this.
  12. in the last week on windows live mail and hotmail, when there is a picture attachment, all i get is a square with a red X in it. the pictures will not open. they used to open automatically. any ideas? thanks
  13. Thanks MME. I downloaded the update and then sp3 and all went well. the icon is gone. thanks to all.
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