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  1. When I type in. Regsvr32 wups2.dll I get an error message that says load library wups2.dll failed specified module could not be found
  2. I currently replaced my hard drive on a dell dimension 4600 and put on xp pro and when I try to up date from Microsoft I get a error message that says error 0x8024400A. The hard drive was used and Empty. Why won't it let me update the program? I keep getting the same error message when I try and run auto updates also. I downloaded SP2, installed it and it still says I need to install SP2 before I can download the download manager program. Thanks
  3. I have a dell dimension 4600 hard drive and would like to replace it. Will a Seagate sata hard drive work or is it a different hard drive format. Thanks
  4. How do I go back to change the settings as they were before? The computer won't boot up now, I want to see if I done it correctly. It looks like it still wants to have F as the main drive. Maybe F doesn't have the start up procedure. Thanks
  5. When I originally loaded it. C: drive had around 500 MB. F: had 149 GB. I erased the whole hard drive with KILLDISK. before I installed xp pro. I didn't think C: drive would hold it with 500 MB. Why does Drive C: say removeable disk under disk management?
  6. Dell 4600,no service tag. I'm putting in a used WD 160 GB hard drive to replace my old seagate 38 GB hard drive. I turned off the external hard drive G: and unplugged it. I tried to reinstall windows and it only gives me F: as a choice to install it. The bad thing is when I try to reinstall the drivers, they're all based on using drive C: not F:. So I would like to put the main drive as C: I erased the whole hard drive before I installed the fresh XP set up.
  7. Where do you find the SD card reader? I don't see it under device manager. The only thing I replaced was the hard drive and I had my external hard drive plugged in to back up my computer . I then unplugged it before I ran the xp disk.
  8. I only have 1 hard drive installed 160 GB WD. When I open disk management it says I only have 1 hard drive volume F: disk 0 F: 149.04 GB NTFS Basic 149.04 GB disk 1 removable C: No media
  9. I replaced my hard drive with a bigger used hard drive using Windows xp after erasing the data. The problem is that now drive F: has the main storage 149 GB and drive C: says 500 mb which is labeld as primary drive. How do I get my main hard drive back to C: in stead of F: I can't restore my back up file for some reason since it was originally saved from the C: drive. Do I need to reinstall xp and put it on C:? When I go to disk management , it won't let me chane the letter of the F drive back to C: Thanks
  10. I'm currently running XP professional, When I run diskmgmt and click on expand, it still says 37.2 GB and the expanded say 109 GB. I used seagate to copy the files from my dell dimension computer. I have the jumpers set to cable
  11. I recently installed a WD 160 GB hard drive to replace my 38 GB hard drive. I copied the contents of the old hard drive and copied it to my new hard drive. My computer still says it's a 38 GB hard drive. What do I need to do to get the hard drive to read 160 GB? When i try to download a movie I get a disk is full message since there's only 38 GB instead of 160 GB. Do I need to move a jumper? Thanks
  12. I was wondering if IPAD2 will support Adobe Flash? I see a lot of video's need flash to play and Apple won't allow Flash to download. Thanks
  13. [ This may be the link http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=EDJPSWFXR3VSBR0G
  14. I'm currently running windows xp pro and my computer constantly freezes, get's pop up web sites and takes a long time to boot up. I ran norton virus scanner, disk defrager, internet eraser,ad-aware. Any idea's on how to check and see what's wrong with my computer? What programs do I need to just sart up xp? Maybe I have to many programs trying to start up atne time. My virus scanner says i have only a tracker program (low) which I fixed. Thanks in advance
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